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“What are you doing” An Yuan trembled in anger.

“You dont even know that a living person has disappeared! Wheres Ji Xiang Why isnt Ji Xiang here”

“Ji Xiang has also disappeared,” Uncle Fu said with difficulty.

“What! Shes too bold In that case, then…” An Yuan made a throat-slitting gesture.

In the past, Uncle Fu would have left without another word, but this was different.

“Madam, you cant! There are so many eyes on our generals residence now.

I wonder whos behind this.

Second Master has already been demoted.

If we do anything now, it wont be good for Second Master!”

An Yuan gritted his teeth.

“Are we just going to ignore it”

“We can investigate.

There are many things we cant do,” said Uncle Fu.

An Yuan took a deep breath and composed herself.

For the sake of her precious son, she could only do this for now.

However, what An Yuan didnt expect was that a few days later, this matter actually involved Jiang Ying.

“What does this have to do with the heir of Prince Jin” An Yuan frowned, unable to figure out what was going on.

“Madam, have you forgotten about Miss Ning Yue” Uncle Fu suddenly said a name that An Yuan forgot about.

“Her” An Yuans frown deepened.

“Yes, how could I have forgotten about her Back then, I wanted her to marry into Prince Jins residence.

Who knew that she would be so impudent She actually got pregnant with a bastard and lost this good marriage for nothing.

But didnt I throw her into the countryside What has she got to do with this” An Yuan looked puzzled.

“That shouldnt be the case.

Back then, Jiang Ying said that he didnt want to marry the child of the generals residence, so I sent that little bastard back.” An Ning couldnt figure it out.

No matter how she thought about it, she couldnt figure it out.

“Madam, since weve found the heir of Prince Jin, it means that this matter is related to King Jins Estate.

Its very likely that King Jins Estate already knows about this.

We have to be careful!”

An Yuan took a deep breath and rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on.

Why were there so many things happening recently She was almost out of breath.

The chaos in the generals residence was reasonable, but Ning Yue, who was far away in Laifu Village, could not sleep.

Her mind was filled with thoughts of the old madam.

The next day, she had a pair of dark circles under her eyes.

She looked much more haggard.

After breakfast, she went to the medicinal room.

Gu Yu was studying some new things.

“Disciple, why are you thinking so much What do you want to do Ill accompany you!” As he spoke, Gu Yu took out a beautiful porcelain bottle.

“This is a new ointment Ive developed.

If you wipe your face with it, your face will always be tender.

How is it, Master Am I good” Gu Yu asked with a smile.

Ning Yue took the ointment from Gu Yu.

She was very touched.

Gu Yu would think of her no matter what.

This master really doted on her.

“Master, Im here to ask for your help.

Can you develop a medicine that can make people tell the truth” Ning Yue asked.

In the modern era, there was a kind of medicine that could force confessions out of people.

If one used that medicine, one could tell the truth.

Unfortunately, her space was only in an ordinary shopping mall.

There was no such thing.

“Yes, I still have some in stock.

How much do you want If its not enough, Ill make more.” As he spoke, Gu Yu took out the medicinal powder.

“Disciple, this thing isnt omnipotent.

It wont take effect immediately.

You have to wait until her will is weak before you use it.

Only then will it be easier to succeed,” Gu Yu said.

“Theres another type of medicine.

Its also self-protective.

This medicine can make one dazed for a while.

Its enough for you to escape when you encounter danger.” Gu Yu handed another bottle of medicine to Ning Yue.

Ning Yue looked at the medicine bottle in her hand and felt touched.

“Thank you, Master.

By the way, Master, I have something on tonight.

Ill have to trouble you to stay at home,” Ning Yue said.

She was worried that the people from the Generals Residence would investigate the Ning family, so she could only ask her master for help.

“Dont worry and go do your work.

By the way, I have a medicinal powder to give you.

You have to be careful.” As he spoke, he took out another porcelain bottle.

“This thing is called Corpse Dissolving Powder.

It can melt corpses.

If youre alive, you have to be careful not to touch the Corpse Dissolving Powder.

If you touch it, I wont be able to save you.”

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