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To be able to come into contact with someone of such status, this servant girls previous master should not be simple, right

However, Ning Yue had no intention of probing into the other partys secrets.

After asking for her name and agreeing to treat her in two days, she left.

On the way out, Ning Yue thought for a while and decided to bring An Ning home.

She still had many things to do.

If she was afraid of attracting attention, she would just go home tonight.

She asked Jiang Ying to prepare a carriage for her, planning to take her away at night.

“Are you really not staying” Jiang Ying asked her.

He still had many things to ask Ning Yue.

“I wont stay any longer.

I still have many things to do.

Thank you.” With that, Ning Yue left to look for Gu Yu.

Under the cover of the night, Ning Yue, An Ning, and Gu Yu returned to the village.

Fortunately, when they were allocating the land back then, the village chief of Laifu Village had moved their allocated area a little further away.

Without alerting anyone, they quietly returned in the moonlight.

The commotion of Ning Yue and the others returning woke the Ning family up.

When they came out, Uncle Su had already left with the carriage.

They only saw Ning Yue carrying an old person in the courtyard.

When An Ning saw people, she hid in Ning Yues arms in fear.

“Yueyue, who is this” Madam He stepped forward to ask, while Old Master Ning instructed someone to help An Ning up.

“Grandma, these are all my family.

You dont have to be afraid.” Ning Yue comforted her softly.

Grandma The Ning family members were all petrified when they heard this title, especially Old Madam Ning.

Why would her precious granddaughter call someone else Grandmother

“I know everyone has many questions.

Let me settle Grandmother down first,” Ning Yue said.

Ning Yue had arranged a bedroom for An Ning.

She lay there, refusing to let go of Ning Yues hand.

“Sigh.” Ning Yue sighed.

She understood An Nings feelings.

An Ning had already been forced into a mental breakdown by that old woman, An Yuan.

Moreover, she had changed places twice in a day.

She would probably feel insecure.

However, it was already very late.

Ning Yue was worried that her lack of rest would be bad for her health, so she simply massaged An Nings acupoints and coaxed her to sleep.

After confirming that An Ning was sound asleep, Ning Yue left the room.

When they arrived at the living room, everyone from the Ning family was waiting.

Ning Yue sighed and glanced at Old Master Ning.

Old Master Ning seemed to have guessed something.

He nodded.

“As everyone can see, that person is my grandmother, the matriarch of the generals residence,” Ning Yue said.

These words were like a bomb, frightening everyone.

“The Madam of the Generals Residence” The old man stood up in shock.

How had the Madam of the Generals Residence become like that

“Its a long story.

In conclusion, the old madam in the Generals residence isnt my biological grandmother.

This one is.”

“Whats going on” Old Master Ning looked at Ning Yue in shock.

Ning Yue sighed and looked at Old Master Ning with a complicated expression.

“Grandfather, themother in the Generals Residence is not my mother, andGrandmother is not Grandmother.”

Old Master Ning was even more surprised.

He looked at Ning Yue in disbelief.

“Are you saying that theyre not your biological family”

“Only the general is.

No one else is.” Ning Yue sighed.

Old Master Ning clutched his chest and sat down.

“No, no.

I have to take my time.”

The impact of this matter was too great for him.

“Yueyue, is this true Are you sure” Old Master Ning asked again.

This was no small matter, but they had to investigate thoroughly.

“Grandpa, you havent seen that old woman from the generals residence.

She looks exactly like my grandmother.

She should have planned to kill my grandmother, but for some reason, she didnt.

Instead, she locked my grandmother up.”

Then, Ning Yue told the Ning family what had happened.

The Ning family was dumbfounded.

“Isnt it obvious that theyre bullying people What are they trying to do” Eldest Uncle Ning was furious.

“Well talk about this in the future.

We have to remember that we were all sleeping at home tonight.

Nothing happened.

The elders at home fled with us.”

The old master instructed everyone.

He knew that if this matter were to spread, it would definitely attract the attention of the Generals Residence.

Only if everyone kept their mouths shut would they be safe.

At the same time, in the Generals residence.

“What Shes gone!” An Ning was so angry that she threw things around.

These days, nothing she did went smoothly.

First, she was snatched away on the road, and when she returned, she received news that her biological son had been demoted.

Now, people actually said that that woman had disappeared!

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