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Saving A Life (1)

“Father, wait for me,” Ning Yue said to Ning Guang.

Ning Guang nodded and stood guard with his knife.

Ning Yue half-knelt on the ground and took out her first aid kid.

Then, she gave the two people on the ground emergency treatment.

Fortunately, the two of them had not suffered from heat stroke to the point of no return.

However, their bodies were seriously dehydrated and they had been hungry for a long time.

Then she looked at the five-year-old boy.

Although he was dressed in rags, there was still flesh on his face and his cries were louder.

The couple must have saved whatever they could eat and drink for the child.

Poor parents.

Ning Yue now had two babies herself and could understand the painstaking efforts of parents.

She was very touched and pitied the two of them.

After the treatment, she took another bag and placed it beside them.

The man woke up first and knew that Ning Yue had saved him.

He pulled the child to his knees and kowtowed to thank her.

“Thank you, Bodhisattva.

Thank you, Bodhisattva.

You saved our family.

You will definitely be rewarded.

If our family of three can survive this calamity, we will definitely repay you in the future!”

“I have children of my own.

I just dont want him to survive in this chaotic world alone at such a young age.

Sigh.” Ning Yue sighed.

“I gave you guys some food.

Take the food and think of a way to escape.”

With that, she left with Ning Guang without saying anything else.

After she left, the woman woke up.

The couple opened the bag and looked at each other.

Tears rolled down their faces as they knelt on the ground and kowtowed in the direction where Ning Yue had gone.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

There were more than ten steamed buns, some white flour, and salt in the bag.

Most importantly, Ning Yue had left a lot of water for the family of three.

They were all filled in bamboo bottles.

If they ate sparingly, they could endure it for a while, greatly increasing their chances of survival.

The couple quickly put their things away, afraid that someone would see them, then pulled the child in the other direction.

Ning Yue and Ning Guang walked for a long time before they finally saw a withered forest.

However, they could at least rest for a while.

She could take it.

The children were also extremely hot and had to drink water and milk.

After entering the forest, Ning Yue found a more secluded place and put the child down.

At the same time, she took two steamed buns and a bamboo bottle of water for Ning Guang to eat and drink quickly.

Ning Guang did not know where Ning Yue got the food.

He thought that it was all from the bad guys who kidnapped them, so he ate it all in one go.

“Father, I want to feed Xiaobao and Xiaobei.

Watch over them and dont let any strangers approach.” Ning Yue made it clear that she was talking about the strangers.

If he encountered the Ning family, he could not chase them away.

“Alright, Ill guard Yueyue!” Ning Guang nodded vigorously and walked to the side to be her guard.

Ning Yue opened the swaddling clothes.

As expected, the children were all sweating from the heat.

However, they were very obedient.

They seemed to know that their mother was very tired, so they did not cry.

They even looked at Ning Yue with sparkling eyes and revealed cute and obedient smiles.

Ning Yue kissed the two little fellows on the cheek, then changed their diapers and fed them before taking out food to replenish her strength.

In the gray surroundings, there was no sound at all.

She did not know if the Ning family was still in the forest.

They should be.

In the Hosts memory, the Ning family was so united and loving.

It was impossible for them to abandon the Host and Ning Guang so easily.

After resting for a moment, Ning Yue gritted her teeth and carried the children on her back again.

Then, she called out to Ning Guang to continue walking deeper into the forest.

“Yueyue, someone… Shh!” Suddenly, Ning Guang heard a sound.

He gestured for Ning Yue to hush.

Ning Yue realized that her silly fathers hearing seemed to be very good.

Even she didnt hear them.

After a while, sure enough, there were the sound of hooves approaching.

Under the night sky, a carriage appeared on a path in the forest.

Ning Yue looked at the carriage flying over and pulled Ning Guang aside.

Although she could not see the situation in the carriage, Ning Yue did not sense any danger.

In this day and age, everyone was starving.

Those who could still drive their carriages out would definitely not be at their wits end, nor would they rob refugees who looked very poor.

At that moment, the carriage came to an abrupt halt.

The coachman was in his early forties.

He was bearded and tall and burly.

“Lets rest here for a while, Uncle Su.” A weak-sounding mans voice came from the carriage, ethereal and clear.

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