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On this day, the children were dressed in festive red.

Madam He and the sisters-in-law had made the clothes themselves.

Today was also the time Jiang Ying and Ning Yue had agreed to come and get the oil.

Jiang Ying asked Uncle Su to bring a gift for the two children.

She looked at the two jade pendants Uncle Su had brought over.

One was a dragon-shaped jade pendant, and the other was a phoenix-shaped jade pendant.

The jade pendant was of good quality.

It was pure white and flawless, and it was in the shape of a dragon and phoenix.

This made Ning Yue a little afraid to accept it.

Could it be that Jiang Ying was spending money again He was already so poor.

Was it really good to buy such a precious jade pendant

Seeing Ning Yues hesitation, Uncle Su explained according to Jiang Yings instructions.

“Our master is relatively poor.

He also wants to give gifts for the childrens first birthday, but he cant bear to bring out the bad jade.

These two jade pendants are of excellent quality, and our master doesnt wear them often, so he plans to give them to the two children.”

So that was it.

Ning Yue nodded and accepted the jade pendant.

What Uncle Su did not say was that Jiang Ying indeed did not wear a jade pendant, but jade pendants were owned by the royal family.

A dragon-shaped jade pendant was given to a boy, and the phoenix shape would be given to a girl.

As their prince and princess consort only had one son, they gave both jade pendants to him.

“Thank your master for me,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

This day was also the day Ning Yues family moved into their new house.

The new house was very spacious.

The two childrens rooms had been built.

They were just waiting for the two children to grow up and live in separate rooms.

In addition to the room where they slept in, there was also the living room, five study rooms for the children, a few guest rooms, and two pharmacy rooms for Ning Yue and Gu Yu.

In order to celebrate their new house and their two childrens birthdays, the entire Ning family began to divide the work early in the morning.

Some people went to town to buy things, some went to the other houses in the village to send invitations, and the rest were at home preparing for tonights banquet.

As the new residence banquet was held together with the first birthday banquet, the Ning family held a huge banquet.

On this day, many villagers were invited to the house to celebrate.

Everyone ate until late at night.

When it was over, Old Master Ning, who had drunk some wine, took out a red packet and handed it to Xiaobao and Xiaobei.

“The two children are really good-looking.

Why dont I see their father Is he working outside” Yang Guang, the village chief of Laifu Village, asked.

Old Master Nings heart sank when he heard this, but he still forced a smile and said, “Yes, hes outside.

I drank too much.

Ill go out and sober up.

Excuse me.”

With that, Old Master Ning came to Ning Yues room.

“Yueyue, tell me honestly.

What exactly happened to you at the generals residence”

Ning Yue froze.

This was the second time Old Master Ning had asked her.

In the past, as long as someone mentioned the capital, she would be filled with resentment so no one dared to mention such words.

Now, it was different.

At the mention of the Generals Residence and the capital, she could talk and laugh.

Naturally, Old Master Ning would not let her off.

He wanted to know what grievances his granddaughter had suffered over there.

Seeing that Ning Yue was silent, Old Master Ning took out a bright yellow cloth.

On it was Ning Yues birth date and the names of her biological parents.

“Grandpa, where did this come from” Ning Yue held the cloth.

Old Master Ning sighed.

“You were just born when you were thrown at the entrance of the escort agency.

I happened to see you when I came out of the escort agency and brought you back to the Ning Family Village.

I found this on you.”

“When the people from the Generals residence came to pick you up, they said that your parents missed you and your grandmothers health was failing.

That was why Grandpa asked them to bring you there.

If I had known that those things would happen later, Grandpa would have risked his life not to let you go.”

“When you came back, Grandpa didnt dare to ask what happened there, but now, you have to answer Grandpa honestly.

What happened during your days in the Generals residence”

Old Master Nings expression was serious.

Ning Yue sighed to herself.

It looked like she wouldnt be able to escape today.

However, she was surprised by something.

The cloth that Old Master Ning had brought with him said that her biological father was Ning Feng and her mother was called Liu Yun.

According to the Hosts memories, the current mistress of the Generals residence was called Qin Lin, her biological mother.

This information did not match.

“Grandpa, I dont know how to tell you.

It says that my fathers name is Ning Feng and my mothers name is Liu Yun, but the mistress of the Generals residence is called Qin Lin.

This information doesnt match up at all.”

Suddenly, Ning Yue had a bold guess.

Qin Lin was the second wife! Liu Yun was the first wife!

If that was the case, it all made sense.

No, she had to ask Jiang Ying for help to investigate and see what was going on.

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