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Jiang Ying had a vague guess that the children were most likely his.

“Yes!” Uncle Su was very excited and immediately began to send people to investigate.

The matter was quickly resolved.

Ah Da came to report the news to Jiang Ying.

“Master, the Zhenbei Generals residence is very chaotic.

Ill start from the beginning.

The original wife of the old general, Ning Zheng, is called Anning.

Anning gave birth to a son called Ning Feng, who is now the Zhenbei General.

Ning Zheng and Anning took a fancy to Minister Lius daughter, Liu Yun.

The two families are of equal social status.

Ning Feng and Liu Yun fell in love at first sight and the two of them married.”

Jiang Ying listened quietly.

Everyone knew about these things.

Since Ah Da chose to start from here, the problem should be here.

“However, not long after the two of them got married, Anning died.

Her twin sister, An Yuan, took advantage of the anniversary of her death the next year to disguise herself as Ning Fengs sister and give birth to her son, Ning Yuan, in October.”

“It was also at this time that Liu Yun was pregnant.

I dont know what she discovered, but she secretly left a few days before she gave birth.

She gave birth to Miss Ning Yue and returned to the Generals residence alone.

Miss Ning Yue was nowhere to be found.

As for how Miss Ning Yue arrived at the Ning Family Village, please forgive me, Master.

I cant find out why.”

Jiang Ying looked at Ah Da in surprise.

Why was General Zhenbeis house so chaotic

Also, Ning Zhengs wife had been dead for a year! He actually dared not report it and the Generals residence did not reveal anything.

What a bold move!

If this matter was made known, Prime Minister Ning might be executed.

Although Ning Zheng was dead, his nine generations were still alive.

“Master, I dont dare to lie.

I also found out that Ning Feng knew everything about Miss Ning Yue being abused.

He even asked Miss Ning Yue to listen to Grandmother and Mother.

Perhaps, Miss Ning Yue still doesnt know that the generals wife, Qin Lin, is not her biological mother.”

“I spent a lot of money to ask the people in the Generals residence.

They dont treat Miss Ning well either.

They dote on her very much in front of others and abuse her at will.”

“I also heard that the Second Miss of the Generals residence, Ning Qing, often bullied Miss Ning Yue.

She even drugged her and called ten beggars…”

At this point, Ah Das voice softened.

He didnt dare to say anything else.

Ning Qing was too vicious.

How could a woman with her reputation ruined survive

“When exactly did this happen” Jiang Ying asked.

“February 13th,” replied Ah Da.

February 13th Jiang Yings eyes widened.

That day, he had been drugged by his good cousin and thrown into a brothel.

He was a neat freak, not just mentally but physically.

He would only do that sort of thing with the woman he liked.

The door was sealed from the outside.

He was drugged and weak.

There was no chance of leaving.

He forced himself not to touch the woman on the bed, but it wasnt long before he fainted.

That night, when he regained consciousness, he found himself still lying on the ground with a naked woman beside him.

He was a neat freak.

Under the influence of his parents, he would only do such things with the woman he liked.

He was furious and left.

He even left his jade pendant there.

“They brought Miss Ning Yue back to the Generals residence to increase the power of the Generals residence.

They planned to marry Miss Ning Yue to you, and Miss Ning Qing will be sent to the Crown Princes residence as a concubine.”

“As Miss Ning Yue was pregnant, they had no choice but to send her back.

Master, you know what happened after that,” Ah Da replied.

“Alright, you can go.” Jiang Ying was angry and heartbroken.

Her heart ached for Ning Yue.

The days she spent in the Generals residence might be the darkest days of her life.

He was angry at the people of the Generals residence for almost destroying Ning Yue!

If it hadnt been him that night, if…

Thinking of this, Jiang Ying still had some doubts.

Was Ning Yue really that woman from that day

Calculating the time she became pregnant, it was about that time.

The children should be his.

The children were almost a year old.

On the fifteenth of September, the children would turn one year old.

Ning Yue and Madam He prepared things for the children to use during the week.

There was a seal that Old Master Ning had borrowed from Ning Bai.

There was also silver, a golden bracelet, a small wooden sword, garlic, and a brush.

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