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In the past, the entire family ate happily.

Now, it was so quiet that Ning Yue was not used to it.

Ning Yues uncles were shocked by the money they had exchanged for the jade ruyi today, and the old man was still thinking about selling food to Jiang Ying.

The other women were afraid to speak first because their men were silent.

The meal ended just like that.

Ning Yue returned to her room and rested with the two children.

Time passed quickly.

Soon, it was time to get the oil for Jiang Ying.

Uncle Su came at the agreed time.

He was very happy to see that Ning Yue really had so much oil.

There was oil.

There was really oil!

Their prince could finally not be so poor.

Tears of relief fell from Uncle Sus eyes.

Not long after Uncle Su took the oil away, he came back with 200 taels of silver.

“Miss Ning, half will be sold.

Our master asked me to give you the silver first.

The rest will be split 50-50 with our master.”

Only half of it was sold for 200 taels of silver Ning Yue was surprised.

“Is this oil very expensive”

“Miss Ning, the quality of the oil you refined is very good.

Oil of this quality is ten taels of silver a catty.

Weve already lowered the price and sold it for eight taels.

We have to consider your costs, right Didnt you see that as soon as the oil was brought out, everyone was fighting over it It was a lively scene.”

Thinking of that scene, Uncle Su smiled.

If this continued, they would not have to owe their subordinates money anymore.

“Uncle Su, I have an idea.

Lets sell this oil once a month.

Well sell 100 vats at a time.

I want your master to expand in the market.

Dont just sell it here in Laifu Town.

Sell it further away, such as in the capital.

This way, we can increase the price,” Ning Yue said.

“Thats not a problem.

Master also planned to sell the oil in the capital later.

Otherwise, when facing ordinary people who had just experienced a drought, he wouldnt be able to bear to raise the price.

In the long run, he would earn less.

If he took it to the capital, it would be different.

However, Miss Ning, can you refine so much oil” Uncle Su asked.

A hundred tanks! One tank weighed fifty pounds.

A hundred tanks meant five thousand pounds.

That was not a small amount.

“Yes, its all the same process.

We just have to buy more raw materials.

By the way, remember to ask your master to pay for the tanks.

I dont have that many tanks at home,” Ning Yue said.

There were vats in her space, but there were suddenly so many more vats.

There was no record of them being purchased yet, so she had to let Jiang Ying think of a way.

“Alright, no problem.

Leave it to our master,” Uncle Su said with a smile.

“Sister!” At that moment, Balang came in with Xiaobei.

“Sister, Xiaobei vomited just now.

Show her!”

Balang was extremely nervous.

He was afraid that his niece would feel uncomfortable, so he brought Xiaobao along and waited for Ning Yue to check on Xiaobei.

“Let me see.” Ning Yue picked Xiaobei up nervously.

She checked the situation and was temporarily relieved.

“Little glutton, she ate too much! Balang, dont give Xiaobei too much food.

Xiaobei is still young.

Her stomach cant hold so much.”

Originally, Ning Yue wanted to say something about indigestion, but she was afraid that Balang would not understand, so she explained briefly.

Uncle Sus eyes widened when he saw Dabao.

This child was really too similar to their master when he was young.

They were almost born from the same mold.

Thinking of this, Uncle Su hurriedly bade farewell to Ning Yue and left the Ning familys house to go straight to the east of the village.

“Master! I saw Miss Nings two children,” Uncle Su said.

Jiang Ying was reviewing official documents when he heard Uncle Sus words.

The figures of two little babies and a smiling face appeared in his mind.

“Are the children okay” Jiang asked.

“Master, Miss Nings son is exactly the same as you when you were young!” Uncle Su said.

Jiang Ying was so frightened that his hand trembled.

The ink made a mess on the document.

“Say that again!” Jiang Ying remembered the information his subordinates had given him.

The two children were still a month or two away from turning one year old.

Including the time of pregnancy, Ning Yue was pregnant with two children at the beginning of last year!

At the beginning of last year, Ning Yue was in the capital and so was he.

Coincidentally, something that disgusted him happened.

As it was so disgusting, he chose to forget it.

However, from the looks of it, things might not be that simple.

He had a guess in his heart.

“Uncle Su, go and investigate what happened to Ning Yue in the Generals residence.

You have to find out! I want to know where she went other than the Generals residence!”

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