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Old Master Ning snorted.

“Every time we talk about the capital, you look different.

Do you think I cant tell that you were not doing well there”

“Oh, Grandpa, Im very happy to be with everyone now!” Ning Yue smiled and changed the topic.

“By the way, Grandpa, I also said that I wanted to name the two children after we settled in.

I cant keep calling them by their pet names.”

As soon as he heard that she would name the two children, Old Master Ning immediately became interested.

“Although Grandpa has been to many places and is knowledgeable, his education level is not high.

The names still depend on you.

Tell me what the meaning of the names are when youre done,” Old Master Ning said with a smile.

Back then, the old man had gone to town to ask the teacher for the names of his grandchildren.

The teacher had given them their names and nicknames according to their age.

If Ning Yue hadnt mentioned naming them today, he would have forgotten their names.

“Grandpa, I want to call Xiaobao Ningji and Xiaobei Ningxiang.

I hope they will be lucky for the rest of their lives.

How about that” Ning Yue said.

Old Master Ning smiled and nodded.

“Alright, being auspicious is good.”

With that, he stuffed the banknotes into Ning Yues hands.

“Yueyue, take it.

50,000 is enough.

Well plan what to do after the autumn harvest.”

Ning Yue nodded.

After a while, she could ask Jiang Ying for help to find a shop to sell food by the Ning family.

Jiang Ying needed to buy food to supply his father, who was guarding the border.

Although they did not fight for the throne, they valued the stability of the country.

Ning Yue felt that Jiang Ying needed a lot of food.

They could sell it to Jiang Ying at the lowest price.

It would be a win-win situation.

However, what she had to consider now was food.

After a drought, there were even some places where there was no harvest.

It would be a little difficult to acquire it.

“Grandpa, if we decide to do the food business, we have to think of a way to buy food now,” Ning Yue said.

She still had a lot of rice in her space.

She could take this opportunity to take it out bit by bit.

She could also sell food in various ways, but she had to think about it.

“Yueyue has a way” Old Master Ning asked.

“Grandpa, to be honest, Jiang Ying needs a lot of food.

We can sell the food to him at the lowest price.

He needs a lot.

If we buy a lot, we wont lose out,” Ning Yue explained to the old man.

“How much” Old Master Ning looked at Ning Yue in surprise.

How big was Jiang Yings family and how many people did he have Why did they need so much food

“At least this much.” Ning Yue extended five fingers.

“Five hundred pounds” Old Master Ning asked.

Five hundred kilograms was indeed a lot, but it was not a lot.

If they sold it at the lowest price, it would not be enough to pay the rent.

“No, half a million pounds,” Ning Yue said.


Old Master Ning stood up.

As he stood up too quickly, his chair fell to the ground.

Even if they had more than a hundred people at home, they could not eat 5,000 kilograms a year.

What was 500,000 kilograms of rice for

“Is he raising a country” Old Master Ning asked.

Ning Yue almost laughed out loud when she heard that.

Although he did not raise a country, he raised a countrys army.

Therefore, he was very poor.

If she sold food to him, he could reduce his expenses, and the Ning family could still earn money.

“Tell me honestly.

What exactly is his identity Is it dangerous for us to sell him food”

Old Master Ning was also worried that Jiang Ying would betray the country.

“At the moment, I dont know.

All I know is that the country has something to do with him buying so much food.

Dont worry, hes good.”

Ning Yue thought for a moment and decided not to tell Old Master Ning about Jiang Yings identity in case he was frightened.

From the looks of it, Old Master Ning was already frightened by the amount of food needed.

“Let me think about it.

Theres still time.” Old Master Ning was very cautious.

He didnt agree or refuse.

Ning Yue also put away the 150,000 taels of silver.

Whether Old Master Ning was willing to cooperate with Jiang Ying was still a problem.

Even if he was willing to cooperate, she could just take out the money when the time came.

When they ate that night, the dining table was quiet.

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