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Old Master Jiang sighed heavily.

“Yueyue, people have to know themselves.

Im not saying that youre not outstanding, but others are too powerful.

We cant reach their level, understand”

Ning Yue was stunned.

Was her grandfather trying to say that she liked Jiang Ying

Pfft! How could that be She just wanted to use Jiang Ying as a cover and sell the things in the space in the name of cooperation to earn money to support the family.

Grandpa was thinking too much.

“Dont worry, Grandpa.

I know what to do.

I dont have that kind of relationship with him,” Ning Yue said.

“By the way, theres actually another reason why Im here.” As he spoke, Old Master Ning took out a stack of banknotes.

“This is the money we exchanged for the jade ruyi.”

Seeing this stack of banknotes, Ning Yues eyes widened in shock.

“Grandpa, how much is this”

“That jade ruyi was exchanged for more than 200,000 taels of silver!” Old Master Ning said.

“What How much” Ning Yue asked.

She thought she had heard wrongly and asked again.

Ning Yue couldnt help but ask, “Grandpa, are you serious Did you pawn it Or were there private people who were willing to buy it at a high price”

A jade ruyi was already 200,000 taels of silver.

If she took out a few pieces of the inexhaustible jade ruyi she had, she would become a rich woman.

“Someone bought it at a high price, but the pawnshop also wanted to buy this pair of jade ruyi for 150,000 taels,” Old Master Ning said.

He had traveled extensively in his life and had seen many precious things, but he was also shocked that this pair of jade ruyi had been sold at such a high price.

Although she was happy, Ning Yue quickly thought of a question.

“Grandpa, how many people know that we obtained this sum of money”

“Not many people do.

Just your uncles and me,” the old man said.

When he received the huge sum of 200,000 taels of silver, it was as if he was stepping on clouds.

He could only react when he returned home.

The eldest son of the Ning family even slapped himself to see if he was dreaming.

Old Master Ning did not have any plans for the money.

He took out 150,000 taels of silver and handed it to Ning Yue.

“Ive already spoken to your uncles.

We cant take all this money.”

“This is your money.

This is the money that Young Master Jiang gave you.

Take it and use it as your dowry in the future.

Or you can use it to do some business,” Old Master Ning said.

Business Oh, right.

She had taken out the jade ruyi so that the old man could see what business he could do.

“Grandpa, I mean to use the money to do business.

Although two hundred thousand taels sounds a lot, Im afraid it wont be enough if we really use it.”

“Yueyue, 50,000 taels is enough.

We want to buy a restaurant in town and operate it,” Old Master Ning said.

Open a restaurant Ning Yue frowned.

It was not impossible to open a restaurant, but there were many restaurants in this era.

The most important problem was that they were only commoners.

There was no one behind them, so opening a restaurant was a little difficult for them.

Not to mention whether the approval document from the government to set up a restaurant would be approved, what would they do if they encountered anyone looking for trouble during the operations

In this era, fists ruled the world.

“Grandpa, well talk about the restaurant later.

Im thinking now that we can sell food.

We can plant it ourselves, and sell it ourselves.

Now that theres a drought, there are even some places where theres no harvest.

Food is very easy to sell.

I want to find a long-term market.

In the future, well do long-term business,” Ning Yue said.

Although immediate benefits could solve many problems, wouldnt it be better to have long-term income

“Yes, thats what I thought too.

With a long-term business, we wont have to worry about food and clothes, but where can we find it” Father Ning asked.

“Dont worry about that.

I have a candidate.

Young Master Jiang will need food for a long time.

We can work with him.”

“What we have to consider now is the source of the food.

We definitely cant plant that much food ourselves.

Lets see if we can find a way to buy it.

Moreover, if we only sell rice, its too simple.”

Old Master Nings eyes lit up.

Thats right, why didnt he think of that! He looked at Ning Yue with admiration.

“Our Yueyue has grown up and has her own opinions!” Old Master Ning said with a smile.

“I just heard too much from others when I was in the capital.” Ning Yue didnt know how to brush it off, so she could only talk about what she had witnessed in the capital.

Speaking of the capital, Old Master Nings expression changed.

He asked, “What happened to you in the capital”

“Its nothing,” Ning Yue said.

“Grandpa, I forgot what happened in the capital.

Ill tell Grandpa when I remember it, okay”

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