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It was very simple for Ning Yue to get oil.

She could just take it out of the space.

What gave her a headache was that the oil in the space was filled in plastic oil barrels.

If she took these oil barrels out, it would be difficult to explain if someone saw them.

After all, there was no plastic in this era.

There were vats made of other materials, but if she made so much at once, it would arouse suspicion, right

Fortunately, she knew how to make vegetable oil.

As for the ancient method of squeezing oil, it was necessary for survival skills in her previous life.

“You can set the price of oil at the market price.

As for the raw materials, Ill figure it out myself.”

Ning Yue thought that there was a stock of peanuts and melon seeds in the space.

There was no problem with all the costs.

She could have as many as she wanted.

With the problem of the goods solved, the next thing was to talk about splitting the money.

“No matter how much we sell it for, well split it fifty-fifty.

No problem, right Oil costs a lot more than ice.”

“No problem.” Jiang Ying agreed without thinking.

He didnt have to think about the cost.

He just had to arrange for someone to sell oil to get the money.

How beautiful was it to be able to earn money by sleeping

“Thats settled then.

Send someone to my place to get ice later,” Ning Yue said.

She also generously told Jiang Ying the method to make ice.

“In the future, as long as its ice sold from me, Ill share the gains with you.”

Actually, Ning Yue had brought some seeds over previously.

She planned to let Jiang Ying try planting them and see how the yield was.

However, the current situation made her retreat.

She did not expect Jiang Ying to investigate her at all, but it was reasonable for him to investigate her.

Who would interact with someone they did not know, especially someone of Jiang Yings status

When the victims came to Linzhou, not only did Jiang Ying accept them all, but he also gave them a lot of benefits.

In addition to supplies, every family was given five taels of silver.

These benefits were all from his own pocket.

This was the first time she had seen a prince who had lived so poorly.

It could be seen that Jiang Ying cared about the world.

He was also someone who really cared about the people.

She wanted to help the victims and take out everything in the space to distribute to them, but that would be too eye-catching.

Instead, it was different with Jiang Ying around.

She could distribute the things through Jiang Ying.

However, the current situation did not allow her to work with him openly.

When she found a chance later, she could work with him through Jiang Ying.

After returning from Jiang Yings place, Ning Yue returned to her room and closed the door tightly.

She entered the space to check on the oil.

She took the largest tank of oil and poured all the peanut oil into it.

She poured several tanks that way.

When she thought it was enough, she went to the freezer again and made a hundred pots of ice.

After doing this, she took a bath in the space with well water.

It was simply relaxing to bathe in an ancient well on such a hot day.

She left the space satisfied.

After a while, Old Master Ning came over and knocked on the door.

“Yueyue, are you guys inside”

“Yes, Grandpa.

Wait a moment.” Ning Yue stood up to open the door.

“Grandpa, whats wrong” Ning Yue invited Old Master Ning in and gave him a cup of tea.

“Yueyue, Grandpa came to ask you what your relationship with Young Master Jiang is.

Why does he keep giving you so many things again and again”

Again and again

The words grandfather used were a little cute.

“I just gave them some water on the way to escape,” Ning Yue said.

When she said this, Old Master Ning looked at her guiltily.

She really didnt know how to answer him.

The old man was experienced enough to tell that she was lying.

“Yueyue, Im your grandfather.

Theres no one around now.

Shouldnt you tell me the truth” Old Master Ning asked solemnly.

Ning Yue sighed.

“Grandpa, I saved his nephew.

I learned a little from Grandma and couldnt bear to see the child suffer, so I accidentally saved him.

As it was just a coincidence and I didnt have any real talent, I didnt say it out loud.

However, now that Ive acknowledged Divine Doctor Gu as my master, I wont have to worry when I learn from my master in the future!” Ning Yue said happily.

Old Master Ning nodded.

So that was what happened.

“From Young Master Jiangs words and upbringing, his identity should not be simple.

Hes not someone we can compare to.

You cant use kindness to make him do this and that for you, nor can you treat someone without confidence.

You cant have any wishful thinking, understand” Old Master Ning reminded Ning Yue earnestly.

It was fine if she wasnt confident in treating someone, but if she couldnt, she would get into trouble! Moreover, their statuses werent the same.

They were from two different worlds.

Moreover, Ning Yue had two children.

They wouldnt be able to get together.

His Yueyue couldnt be tempted.

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