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Hearing Ning Yues voice, Old Madam Ning quickly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her sleeve.

“Yueyue, whats wrong” Old Madam Ning replied loudly.

“Grandpa, Grandma, this is a thank-you gift from that young master.

I brought the jewelry.

Grandpa, how do you want to distribute it” As she spoke, Ning Yue took out the package containing the jewelry.

“Here is a golden bracelet, there are jade rings, and here is a jade ruyi.

Grandpa, take a look.”

Old Master Ning looked at the jewelry in shock.

After a long time, he said to Ning Yue, “Yueyue, Ill leave these for you as a dowry.”

Old Master Nings words warmed Ning Yues heart.

“Grandpa, even if these things are used as dowry, I cant use them, right I might as well take them out and distribute them.”

Hearing Ning Yues words, Old Master Ning felt indescribably uncomfortable.

It was because of Ning Yue that he had the chance to sit here and discuss with her how to distribute these jewelry.

On the way, he did not have the chance to think too much.

Now that he had settled down, he could not help but wonder why it was so coincidental that Ning Yue found all the food and water on the way.

Perhaps the heavens did not want her to suffer in the human world, so they made her blessed.

“Grandpa, this is food.

You and Grandma eat first.

Ill call the children in.” As she spoke, Ning Yue turned around and called the children in, ignoring what the old man was thinking.

Balang and Jiulang walked in with Xiaobao and Xiaobei.

Ning Yue picked up the pastries on the table and gave them to Balang and Jiulang.

Xiaobei was unhappy.

“Ah!” he said.

She and her brother wanted to eat too!

“Okay, okay, okay.

Our Xiaobao and Xiaobei can have it too!”

Ning Yue smiled and picked up another pastry.

She broke it into pieces and placed it in the childrens mouths.

She was afraid that they would choke if they were too big.

Xiaobei chewed happily at the pastry, his eyes half-closed in happiness.

Beside him, Xiaobao pursed his lips and turned his head to the side.

The way he ate was too ugly.

“Wow, Sis, look how smart Xiaobei is!” Jiulang looked at Xiaobei in surprise.

He remembered that the other children in the village had not been so smart when they were this old.

What they ate was fed by their parents.

Xiaobei knew how to look up and find something to eat since he was young.

Xiaobaos expression of enjoyment was that of an adult who had lived for decades.

“Our Balang and Jiulang are so smart too.” Ning Yue smiled and split some of the pastries into two portions.

She handed both to Balang and Jiulang.

“Thank you, Sister.”

“Thank you, Sister.”

The two children thanked Ning Yue.

Ning Yue turned around and glanced at Old Master Ning and Old Madam Ning.

Although the two of them were smiling as they watched the children eat the snacks, she could tell that their smiles were a little forced.

They were probably worried about their daughter and son-in-law who had disappeared.

Of Ning Yues two aunts, one was married to her familys bodyguard, and the other was married to a county scholar who had passed the county examination.

Her two uncles were very good to her two aunts and them.

These two marriages were also decided by the two elders at first glance.

In the end…

“Jiulang, take Xiaobei out to play.

I have something to do,” Ning Yue said.

She needed Jiang Yings manpower to help her find Eldest Aunt and Second Aunts families.

In addition, she wanted to discuss some business cooperation with Jiang Ying.

She needed to make sure all the money in her space came from a reasonable source.

Otherwise, if she produced so much good stuff by doing nothing, it would arouse suspicion.

Ning Yue held the bronze token and followed the path Jiang Ying had pointed out.

As soon as she reached the east, she was discovered by the secret guards hiding in the shadows.

“Eh, isnt this Miss Ning” Just as one of the secret guards was about to attack, he was stopped by the person beside him.

“What Miss Ning Master said no one is to approach this place.” Ah Da looked at Ah Er unhappily.

“Oh, listen to me.

If you stab her, we might lose our salary that we owe for a year.

Miss Ning is a divine doctor who cured Crown Prince Chi,” Ah Da explained patiently to his brother.

“Oh That legendary divine doctor Is she that powerful” Ah Er put away his knife and watched as Ning Yue walked into their territory.

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