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“We live on the east side of the village.

If you have anything to do, bring the masters bronze token over.

Also, please keep it a secret.

That place is said to be a forbidden area.

If you want to go over, you can go around from the north.

Theres only one family in the north.”

Ning Yue looked at that person in surprise.

So that forbidden area was where they lived.

She was still wondering why it was a forbidden area when it wasnt a mountain or a large river.

If a noble lived there, that would explain it.

“Alright, I understand.

Thank you.” Ning Yue went to the north after sending him away.

She wanted to observe the terrain.

If there was anything, she could call someone over.

“Give it back, give it back!”

“Hahaha, what a fool.

This treasure is mine!”

“No, give it back! You bad people!”

Ning Yue was about to leave after observing the terrain when she heard a familiar voice.

She walked closer and saw her father, Ning Guang!

After settling down, Gu Yu gave Ning Guang medicine, which helped him regain some consciousness.

He wasnt stupid.

It was just a brain injury that had reduced his intelligence to that of a child.

These two people were actually bullying people!

Ning Yue took out the baton from her space and walked to Ning Guangs side.

She kicked the person who snatched Ning Guangs things.

At this moment, Ning Yue finally saw what that person had snatched from Ning Guang.

It was a bracelet that Old Master Ning had given to Ning Guang.

This was a family treasure.

According to tradition, it should be left for his eldest son and passed down from generation to generation.

However, because Ning Guang was mentally injured, he would cry non-stop every night.

Ning Guang would only be quiet when Old Master Ning approached with the bracelet.

Later on, Old Master Ning simply gave the bracelet to Ning Guang.

The person who was kicked by Ning Yue shouted and looked up at her.

“So its a woman.

Why Do you want to have fun with us” The person whistled.

Ning Yue sneered and swung her rod at that persons head.

With a bang, that person completely fell silent.

She picked up the bracelet on the ground and handed it to Ning Guang.

“Father, wait for me at the side,” Ning Yue said.

“Watch out, daughter!” Ning Guang said.

Ning Guang was now very coherent.

In the past, he would only say one or two words.

“Father, dont worry.

Wait for me.” After Ning Yue said this with a smile, she watched Ning Guang stand a little further away before turning around with a cold expression.

She couldnt be bothered to waste her breath on this group of people.

She swung her rod at them one by one and aimed it at their heads.

She knocked them out one by one like she was hitting watermelons.

After knocking everyone down, Ning Yue felt that it was not enough and stepped forward twice.

“How dare you bully my father! How dare you bully my father!” Ning Yue cursed as she stepped on them.

After cursing, she even snorted and turned to pull Ning Guang away.

Before she could take two steps, she saw a few people standing in surprise.

Wasnt this Jiang Ying!

In particular, there were two people beside him.

One was Uncle Su, who had almost killed her.

The other was the other person who had stood beside him when she had saved his nephew the other day.

He seemed to be the butler.

“Haha, what happened just now” Ning Yue asked with a smile.

Good lord! This girl really knew how to change her expression! These were Butler Jiangs thoughts.

Jiang Ying had a smile on his face, making Butler Jiang cough.

The smile on their heirs face was so cute! Butler Jiang silently remembered Jiang Yings reaction.

However, this divine doctor seemed to have two children.

His heir sent someone to investigate and found that this girl did not seem to be married.

In other words, the girl had two children before she was married.

If not for that, she could still become a concubine in their Imperial Palace, but now…


Butler Jiang let out a long sigh.

Jiang Ying turned to look at Butler Jiang and saw his worried expression.

“Whats wrong”

“Its nothing, Your Highness.

The girl is still here.” The butler gave Jiang Ying a look, indicating that he shouldnt expose his thoughts in front of the girl.

Jiang Ying raised his eyebrows.

What was Butler Jiang thinking

“Miss, is this your father” Jiang Ying asked.

He had focused all his attention on Ning Yue that day and did not remember her fathers appearance clearly.

He had vaguely heard her calling him that just now.

Due to the distance, he did not hear it very clearly, so he could not confirm it for a moment.

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