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There was a place to store medical supplies in Ning Yues space.

These medical supplies were divided into human and animal use.

When the time came, she would just give these two little puppies a vaccine.

She was not afraid that there would be any problems.

“Yueyue, your uncle bought an old cow.

Go and take a look.

That old cows hide is smooth and shiny.

Our family will have cattle to farm in the future.”

Madam He ran over happily, wanting her daughter to see what was new.

Unexpectedly, she saw a snow-white puppy in each of the childrens arms as soon as she entered.

“Whats this” Madam He squatted down and looked at the two children.

“Oh, these are two little puppies.

I saw them on the way back from washing clothes.

I brought them back for the two children to play with,” Ning Yue said.

“A puppy” Madam He looked at the dumplings in the childrens arms in confusion.

Were newborn dogs so cute

“Mother, did you just say that Uncle bought the cow back” Ning Yue asked.

“Yes, go and see,” said Madam He with a smile.

“Alright, Ill go over later.

Oh right, Mother, have you seen my master” Ning Yue asked.

They had settled down and could begin to treat their fathers illness.

“He said he went to town to buy some medicine to treat your father.” Madam He was happy to talk about it.

Thinking about it, her husband had always been silly.

Suddenly, someone said that he could cure him.

Of course she was very happy!

Ning Yue nodded.

With Gu Yu as a shield, she could treat him without worry.

Soon, Gu Yu returned with a pile of herbs.

“Master, did you go out to buy medicine” Ning Yue asked.

“I went to heaven,” Gu Yu snapped.

“Whats wrong, Master Why do you sound like youre agitated Why are your words so harsh” Ning Yue asked.

“I was planning to sell some herbs when I met someone who didnt know better.

He actually called my herbs weeds.

I was so angry.” Gu Yu pointed at the pile of withered grass on the ground.

Ning Yues lips twitched.

These things did look like weeds.

“Master, he doesnt know whats good for him.

Whats there to be angry about” Ning Yue said with a smile.

At this moment, a group of burly men in black arrived.

“Were here to look for Miss Ning!” the leader said.

Miss Ning

“We have a lot of Miss Nings here.

I wonder which one youre looking for,” Old Master Ning said with a smile.

Although the group looked burly and intimidating, they spoke politely.

They probably meant no harm.

“Huh” The man in black was stunned.

Which Miss Ning

“Oh, its like this.

Our master said that he met a benefactor on the way who gave him water.

In gratitude, our master gave this girl a bronze token.”

“As when you came yesterday and showed the officials the bronze token, Master knew that you were settled in this village.

This time, we came to give Miss Ning a gift.”

After saying this, Old Master Ning immediately got someone to call Ning Yue out.

Wasnt that bronze token given to him by Ning Yue This group of people looked rich and noble.

Ning Yue casually gave someone water and met a benefactor.

What luck!

The news that many people in black had come to Ning Yues house to give gifts spread throughout the entire village.

The natives of Laifu Village did not come to watch the commotion, but the rest of the Ning Family Village did.

As soon as Ning Yue came out, she saw a familiar person.

Wasnt the leader the person in black who almost killed her with a sword

Seeing this person, Ning Yue almost couldnt help but roll her eyes.

Seeing Ning Yues expression, that person knew what she was thinking and said embarrassedly, “Miss Ning, our master asked me to send you a thank you gift.”

“Our master said that because the conditions on the way were harsh, he couldnt bring out a decent thank you gift.

It wasnt until you used the bronze token yesterday that he found out that you had already stopped here.

These are the things our master asked me to bring to you.”

This persons attitude was much better than that day.

Ning Yue smiled and did not stand on ceremony with him.

“Thank you.

Please come in for tea.”

She gestured for him to go ahead.

The man shook his head.

“No, its not very convenient here now.

When youre done, we can sit down and chat.

Its getting late.

I have to go back and report to Master.” As he spoke, the man cupped his fists at Ning Yue.

“Alright, I wont keep you any longer.

Ill send you off,” Ning Yue said.

That person did not reject Ning Yue.

Instead, when they left the village, he lowered his voice and said to Ning Yue.

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