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The magistrate almost bit his tongue.

He had almost forgotten.

Although these people were refugees, that person had personally come to greet them!

By the way, that person had also mentioned settling the silver.

He had to write these things in the official letter.

Thinking of this, the magistrate quickly picked up his pen and wrote a letter.

He wrote on a large piece of paper that instructed the village chief to arrange a good position for this group of people.

Moreover, the government would pay for everything.

As for how much money was needed, it would be reported by the villagers themselves.

There were a lot of good conditions and benefits.

When Ning Bai brought the official letter to Old Master Ning and Ning Yue, Ning Yue was shocked.

Wouldnt it mean that the villagers could ask for as much money as they wanted

Ning Yue could not help but sigh at how influential that persons bronze token was.

Not only did he help them settle them down, but he also gave them the fees needed to settle down.

At the side, Gu Yu noticed Ning Yues expression and secretly glanced at the official letter.

With Jiang Yings bronze token, the contents of this official letter were reasonable.

However, he still pulled Ning Yue aside and asked softly, “Whats your relationship with that person I saw it.

You two look very intimate when you talk.”

Ning Yue looked at Gu Yus despicable expression speechlessly.

Was he still an old man Why did she feel that this person was so shameless like a child

“Why Are you curious” Ning Yue raised her eyebrows.


Do you know who that person is” Gu Yu rolled his eyes.

Before Ning Yue could speak, he continued, “He actually gave you the token and asked you to settle in that village.

Do you know that village…”

Gu Yu suddenly stopped talking.

He had said too much today.

There were some things that Ning Yue should not know.

Knowing too much was not a good thing.

Just as she was listening to the exciting part, Gu Yu stopped talking.

“What happened to that village” Ning Yue asked in confusion.


Curiosity kills!” Gu Yu said.

Gu Yu knew that she would not be able to get anything out of him.

She would just find a chance to talk later.

However, he remembered that he had almost let it slip just now.

He poked himself secretly.

He could not control his mouth.

After spending the past few days together, Ning Yue knew that although Gu Yu looked unreliable, he had a bottom line.

There were some things that he was unwilling to say, so he wouldnt reveal a word.

Therefore, after Gu Yu stopped talking, Ning Yue decided not to say anything else.

“We encountered him when we were escaping.

He was short of water and I gave him some.

In order to repay him, he gave us that bronze token,” Ning Yue replied.

“Thats all” Gu Yu looked at Ning Yue in confusion.

“Master, were almost there.

Do you have any plans” Ning Yue suddenly changed the topic.

“Arent we going to help you treat your father” Gu Yu said.

“Im talking about the future.

After all, treating my father is a short-term matter,” Ning Yue said.

“In the short term” Gu Yu was curious.

“Why Do you know how long it will take me to treat him”

“Master, the illness you want to treat shouldnt take long,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

In any case, they had an official letter.

They could move to the assigned location in a while.

In order to show his trust in this group of people, the magistrate generously handed the official letter to Ning Bai and pointed out a guide.

On the way, Old Master Ning secretly stuffed some silver into Ning Bais hands so that he could ask the guide about the village they were going to.

“Sir, we dont have a good place to serve you tea.

This money is for you and your brothers.” Ning Bai handed the silver pieces to the guide.

The person leading the way was very polite.

After all, the magistrate had instructed him to be more polite to this group of people!

But who wouldnt take money

He didnt take it for nothing.

He would just tell these people what he knew.

“The indigenous people of this village have the surname Yang.

There arent many people, only seven or eight families.

Later, there were outsiders of all surnames.

You dont have to worry.”

Hearing the guide say this, Ning Bai felt much more at ease.

There were many of them, so they were not afraid of being bullied by the natives in the village.

The guide led them to a village.

This village was called the Laifu village.

According to the guide, the Laifu village was originally called the Yang Family Village.

However, as there were more outsiders, they changed its name.

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