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Ning Yue brought the bronze token to Old Master Ning and handed it to him.

Old Master Ning looked at Ning Yue in confusion.

“Grandpa, this is a token from the noble I mentioned to you before.

I think that persons identity is either rich or noble.

It shouldnt be difficult for him to ask for a place to settle all of us down.”

Old Master Ning nodded and went to look for Ning Bai with the bronze token.

“This bronze token was given by a noble.

It should be able to help us settle down together.

Take it and use it first.

If it doesnt work, well talk about it later.”

Old Master Ning did not tell Ning Bai that this token belonged to Ning Yue.

He only told him that it could be used.

Ning Bai did not ask further.

He knew Old Master Nings personality.

Moreover, he would not harm him.

Since Old Master Ning said that it could be used, it should be useful.

Ning Bai accepted the bronze token.

In fact, he did not have much hope in his heart.

He just took the bronze token as a last resort.

What Ning Yue did not know was that Gu Yu had seen everything she had said to Jiang Ying.

His eyes widened.

No, no, Ning Yue knew Jiang Ying

Youre kidding, right

Jiang Yings status might not be high to him, but compared to Ning Yue, it was worlds apart.

Jiang Ying was an existence that Ning Yue could not come into contact with.

Why could the two of them talk so quietly Moreover, it seemed that the two of them were very familiar with each other.

Also, what did she say to Jiang Ying say just now What life-saving grace

Why didnt he understand

Gu Yu stroked his beard.

This was a big deal.

He wondered if Ning Yue knew Jiang Yings identity.

However, since Jiang Ying did not reveal his identity to Ning Yue, he would not expose him.

Some things could only be decided after he slowly read them in the future.

He had heard a lot of rumors along the way.

Of course, they were all from these villagers.

These villagers said that Ning Yues biological father was not Ning Guang.

She had been picked up by Old Master Ning and raised by Ning Guang and his wife.

For a period of time, Ning Yue was even picked up by her parents in the capital.

For some reason, she was sent back in the end.

After she returned, Ning Yues personality changed drastically.

Gu Yu frowned.

He was suddenly very curious about who Ning Yues biological parents were.

According to the villagers, Ning Yues biological parents had a powerful background, but they did not know who they were.

Forget it, forget it.

Ill ask about these things in the future.

Gu Yu shook his head.

On Ning Bais side, as the village chief, the first thing he did when he entered the city was to look for the magistrate.

When he talked to the magistrate about the land placement, the magistrate looked troubled.

“If there were only a few of you, it would be easy to arrange, but youre from a big village.

Theres no place for so many people.

How about I arrange for you to live separately”

As soon as the magistrate said this, Ning Bai was thrown into chaos.

He had long known that this would happen, but he still had some hope.

He really did not want the people of the Ning Family Village to be separated.

After all, everyone had already left their hometowns to come here.

If they separated from the people they were familiar with and went to an unfamiliar environment, they would not be able to get over it emotionally.

At this moment, Ning Bai recalled the bronze token Ning Yue had given him and handed it to the magistrate.

The magistrate looked disgusted.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly realized that the texture of the bronze token was very special.

He quickly lowered his head to check it.

Unexpectedly, it exceeded his expectations.

Today, Jiang Ying had personally come to greet them and said that all the refugees who came with this bronze token had been taken in.

Everything had to be arranged properly, including the silver.

The magistrate shuddered at the thought.

He had almost offended these people.

He stood up and walked quickly to Ning Bai.

“I suddenly remembered something.

Theres a village under Lafu Town.

That village is big enough to accommodate all of you.”

This meant they could have been placed in the same place.

Although Ning Bai was the village chief and had more experience than some villagers, he still could not see through the complicated decisions of an official like the magistrate.

At this moment, he thought that the magistrate had really forgotten.

He said gratefully to the magistrate, “Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.”

When Ning Bai was not paying attention, the magistrate wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

If he chased these nobles away, he would not be able to wear his official hat on his head for long.

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