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“In the future, everyone can also send your children to town to study.

You can be like Balang.

Although you dont have to worry about food and drink in the mountains, there are no teachers.

Dont you want your children to have a promising future and let you enjoy life Thats all I have to say.

Of course, if youre still willing to stay, well split the wolf meat and silver we received previously.

The rest of you will go on your way after that.

Now, whether you want to leave or stay, tell me when youve thought it through,” Ning Bai said.

In fact, Ning Bai was their backbone.

They had already left their hometown and come so far.

If they left the village chief again, they really did not know what to do.

Under normal circumstances, exchanging money might have made them very happy, but at this moment, they were unwilling.

Just as Ning Bai had said, the children could be sent to the town to study.

If they really became scholars, wouldnt their future be better Why would they look at the few taels of silver in front of them and ruin their future happy life

“What are you talking about, Village Chief Well definitely follow you.

Dont mention splitting up.

We wont split up!”

“Yes, well go together!”

“Whoever wants to stay can stay.

I dont.

I want to go with everyone!”

Some people wanted to stay, and naturally, others wanted to leave.

However, after what Ning Bai had just said, no one wanted to stay.

Everyone began to echo Ning Bais words.

Hearing everyones words, Ning Yue was quite happy.

In any case, everyone had come from the same place.

It was good to be together.

Looking at Old Master Ning, he felt a little uncomfortable when he heard that they wanted to separate.

Ning Bai was very touched that everyone would say that.

He immediately added, “With the old divine doctor with us, we dont have to worry along the way.”

Ning Bai felt that Gu Yu was a divine doctor.

If he could bring Gu Yu to their new residence, it would definitely bring huge benefits to their village.

Gu Yu also understood Ning Bais thoughts.

Although he was unhappy, he did not expose him immediately.

After all, he planned to follow his little disciple around.

Along the way, with Gu Yus “guidance” and modern items like flashlights, everyone saved a lot of effort.

Other than the people from the Chen Family Village saying that there were tigers at the beginning, they did not encounter any ferocious beasts along the way.

They were considered lucky.

“Chief, its been a long time since we killed wolves.

I wonder if the wolf meat is still edible.” Someone mentioned the wolf meat to Ning Bai on the way.

“Didnt you guys put salt on that wolf meat to preserve it Thatll keep it edible for a long time.”

Although they had been fleeing the wilderness all the way, they were resting during the day.

During the day, they could take out the wolf meat to dry.

With the sunlight and wind, the wolf meat would dry quickly.

There shouldnt be any problems.

“Its already been salted, but its not like we can smoke it at home.

I dont know how long itll take to get it done.”

If they walked on the road for any longer, they might not be able to keep the wolf meat.

“Its fine.

Well talk about those things when we reach our new residence,” Ning Bai said.

She wondered if they were going to a place like White Cloud City and not be allowed to enter.

If they were, they were really doomed.

Ning Bai sighed at the thought.

“What do you think we should do with the wolf meat” Ning Bai asked Old Master Ning.

He wanted to talk about the new residence first, but he had not thought about how to deal with it.

It seemed too much to leave some for each family.

“Lets talk about it when we get to our residence.

Wolf meat and wolf skin can be sold.

Well need more money when we find a place to settle down,” Old Master Ning said.

Along the way, they saw many ginsengs, lingzhi, and so on in the mountains.

They also picked them.

Old Master Ning would wait until they encountered a town before they could sell all those things.

That would be a huge sum of money.

Besides, they needed a lot of money to settle down.

“Then well talk about it when the time comes,” Ning Bai said and went to the front of the group to give a few instructions.

The journey was quite quiet.

Soon, they completely crossed the mountain.

When they arrived in Linzhou, the city here did not reject them like the White Cloud City did.

Moreover, the entrance fee was very cheap.

They went into the city.

They were only charged ten copper coins each.

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