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Ning Yue ran to a deserted place like the wind and quietly took out something that had appeared in her hand.

It was actually a locator! There was also a satellite map and a drone!

As long as she carefully avoided everyone, she would have no problem using the drone to scout the terrain.

Why hadnt she thought of that before

When no one was paying attention, Ning Yue released the drone.

The drone was a little loud, but they were in the wild.

With the wind and the night as a cover, she didnt have to worry about anything.

With its night vision, the drone quickly scouted the terrain ahead.

After choosing a route from it, she put the drone away and returned to the group.

“Yueyue, where did you go Why did you take so long” Madam He asked Ning Yue.

“Mother, I ate something bad.” She looked innocently at Madam He.

Madam He shook her head.


Ill get your grandmother to get you some medicine later.

Well talk after you take it.”

“No need.

I dont think I need to take medicine in my condition.

Ill tell Grandma if I really cant take it.” Ning Yue waved her hand and rejected Madam Hes kindness.

This was just an excuse.

She couldnt take any medicine for this.

If she wasnt sick, she would suffer.

Ning Yue turned to look at Gu Yu, who suddenly shivered.

He looked at Ning Yue.

This little disciple looked like a cunning fox at this moment.

Could it be that she had some plans in mind

Sure enough, in the next second, Ning Yue laughed and said, “Master, I didnt expect you to be so knowledgeable.”

Upon hearing Ning Yues words, Gu Yus eyes widened.

He pulled Ning Yue aside and asked in a low voice, “What do you want”


I just happen to know the way.” Then she told Gu Yu her thoughts.

When Gu Yu heard this, he thought that this method was good.

According to her description of the terrain, his discipline was very accurate!

“Its just that, Master, I dont go out often.

Look at this path…”

Ning Yue spoke to Gu Yu, almost guiding him to tell her the route.

After speaking, Ning Yue was happy, and Gu Yu was also happy.

Look, Master was still the best.

However, he did not realize that he was being led.

Ning Yue returned to the crowd and told them the route she had chosen in advance.

She only said that the old divine doctor had given everyone directions.

With the old divine doctor as a living signboard, no one suspected anything.

Soon, everyone was packed and on their way.

Actually, the peaceful life these days had already given some people in the Ning Family Village the idea of settling down in the mountains.

“Chief, why dont we settle down in the mountains” Someone suggested to Ning Bai.


Theres everything in the mountains.

We dont have to worry about food or water.

We can build our own house.”

When someone suggested it, others naturally echoed it.

These days, Ning Bai could tell that a small number of people wanted to settle down in the mountains.

“Thats right.

Theres everything in the mountains.

Anyone who wants to settle down here, tell me.” Ning Bai suddenly stopped and said to this group.

Everyone stopped in their tracks.

When the small group of people heard the village chief, Ning Bai, mention it first, they decided to share their thoughts.

For a moment, it was as noisy as a market.

“By my calculations, only three families want to settle down here.

Why dont you settle down here yourselves The rest of you can continue with us.”


After Ning Bai finished speaking, the surroundings suddenly fell silent.

The three families who had suggested settling down were also surprised.

They wanted everyone to stay together.

Why did it become that the village chief wanted the three of them to stay and the others to leave together

“Everyone saw what happened along the way.

We got here alive because of Yueyues family.

If not for them, we would have died.”

Not to mention taking a detour into the mountains, it would be good enough if they could walk to White Cloud City alive!

The three families panicked.

What if they really abandoned them No, no.

If they followed Ning Yues family, they would be even luckier in the future.

It was good to stay in the mountains, but it was not good to miss out on good luck.

“Has anyone thought about it Were farmers.

What do we envy the most Scholars.

Look at Yueyues family.

Balang is a child now.

If he wasnt fleeing at this time, he would be preparing for his exams.”

“If he can do well in the exam, he would be the top scorer.

If he cant get into the top three, he would still be a scholar.

Has anyone thought about what it means to have a top scorer in our village” Ning Bai asked loudly.

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