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She thought that Gu Yu would shrink back when he heard the word capital, but she did not expect him to seem even more excited.

“Alright, after we all settle down, Ill go to the capital and ask them for it.

If they dont give it to me, Ill burn the capital down.”


Ning Yue was almost speechless.

Who could save her Why was this little old man talking nonsense

Although he could be treated with courtesy as a divine doctor, the capital was where the emperor lived.

How could he dare to say something like burning the capital

It seemed that Gu Yus identity as a divine doctor was not ordinary!

“Why Dont you believe that your master has such ability” The little old man looked at Ning Yue unhappily.

“Master, thats not what I meant.

I just want to ask when youll treat my father” Ning Yue asked.

“Wait until you guys settle down.

Not to mention the long journey, he wont get any rest.

Easily administering acupuncture might hurt his brain again.”

Gu Yus words made sense.

Actually, Ning Yue wanted Gu Yu to be her master because she could not expose herself in front of others.

With Gu Yu leading the treatment, she could treat her father behind the scens.

Gu Yu took out a medicine bag and threw it to Ning Yue.

“Its to protect against insects and beasts.”

When Ning Yue heard that, she picked up the medicine bag and sniffed it.

It was all good medicine for repelling mosquitoes and insects!

With the packet of powder given by Gu Yu, it was much better for them to travel at night.

Although she also had medicinal powder, it would make everyone suspicious if she took it out every time.

She was wondering what to do with the herbs when Gu Yu arrived.

Wasnt this the same as someone giving her a pillow when she was sleepy

Ning Yue thought for a moment and divided the medicinal bags.

Other than the Ning family members, she also gave some to Ning Bai.

When Ning Bai found out that this was the old divine doctors medicine, his eyes were filled with tears.

He had grown up hearing the old divine doctors name.

This old divine doctor was very famous.

For him to be able to obtain the divine doctors medicine, this was really…

“Thank you, Yueyue.

Thank the old divine doctor for me,” Ning Bai said gratefully.

Ning Yue smiled.

“Dont worry, Village Chief.

My master is quite a good person.

He also instructed me to give you the medicine.”

“Okay, okay, thank you,” Ning Bai said.

Actually, he knew very well that if not for Ning Yue, why would the old divine doctor care about them

Ning Yue returned to her resting place.

Other than the Night Watch, the others were already snoring softly.

Actually, at this moment, most people had already thought of settling down.

However, this was the deep mountains.

If not for the fact that she was really desperate, she did not want to settle down here.

What good could there be in the deep mountains It would be good if it was not too far from town.

At the thought of this, Ning Yue looked down at the two children and saw them curled up together.

Her heart melted.

If she didnt have a space here, her two children might have starved to death.


Ning Yue sighed heavily and closed her eyes slightly.

No matter what, she had to rest first.

Time passed quickly.

It was sunset again.

Everyone began to hurry.

The pattern of resting during the day and traveling at night made it difficult for everyone to differentiate between day and night.

As for the Chen family members who followed the Ning Family Village, they were just like them.

In the beginning, they were not used to it, but after walking for a few days, they got used to it.

“I wonder how long this will take.

How big is this mountain” Ning Bai sighed as they traveled.

When Ning Yue heard Ning Bais words, she was instantly woken up.

Actually, there was no need to cross the mountain path directly from the highest point.

They just had to think of a way to find a shortcut.

Thinking of this, Ning Yue discussed with Old Master Ning for a while.

“Yueyue, its not that were unwilling to follow your method, but we dont know which way is right.”

That old man had traveled all over the world for so many years but had never crossed such a huge mountain.

How to walk around it was indeed a problem.

In modern times, there were satellite positioning or maps to study, but this was in ancient times.

They did not have anything that advanced, so it was worrying.

At this moment, Ning Yue suddenly felt something in her hand.

She didnt dare look down for fear of being discovered if she moved too much.

But this thing might have something to do with what she had just thought of.

Ning Yue thought for a moment and turned to look at Madam He.

“Mother, my stomach is a little uncomfortable.

I need to go to the toilet first.”

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