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Ning Yue did not answer.

Gu Yu panicked and stepped forward to grab Ning Yues hand.

“Are you short of one”

Ning Yue frowned in pain from his grip.

“Let go, let go!” Ning Guang saw that Ning Yue was in pain and hit the little old man as he spoke.

“Bad guy, bad guy! My daughter is in pain!” Ning Guang said.

Only then did the little old man react.

He let go of Ning Yue in embarrassment.

“Youre a good seedling.

By the way, do you know that I once met a child”

After Gu Yu said this random sentence, Ning Yue fell silent.

This person said whatever he thought of.

“That child was poisoned badly.

Its a poison that gets worse over time.

Ive tried a lot of ways but to no avail.

Recently, I happened to come up with a method.

By combining acupuncture and medicine, it can definitely cure the poison!”

The more Gu Yu spoke, the more excited he became.

Everyone became more confused.

Ning Yue understood, but she could only pretend not to understand.

“Miracle Doctor, do you want to teach me medicine But I dont know anything,” Ning Yue said softly.

In everyones opinion, Ning Yue was shy.

Seeing this, Old Master Ning stepped forward and pushed Ning Yue.

This was a divine doctor!

His granddaughter would be really lucky to be the divine doctors disciple.

“Come here.

Once youve become my disciple, I wont hide anything as your master.

Come here.” Gu Yu pulled Ning Yue aside and handed a jade pendant to her.

Ning Yue took a look.

There was a small “Pearl” on the jade pendant.

“Our sect is called the Pearl Sect.

There are only two disciples in each generation.

I have a senior brother, and so do you.”

Ning Yue thought for a while before understanding what Gu Yu meant.

So Gu Yu had acknowledged a disciple before.

“Master,” Ning Yue said.

Then, she glanced at Ning Guang secretly.

“Master, can you treat my father”

Gu Yu nodded without thinking.

“I know his condition.

Ive seen him before and examined him.

Theres a blood clot in his brain.

I just have to scatter it.”

Ning Yue agreed with him.

“Thank you, Master.

Ill tell everyone the good news.”

As she spoke, before Gu Yu could answer, Ning Yue came to everyone excitedly.

“The old divine doctor said that he can cure Fathers illness.”


Hearing this, Old Master Nings eyes welled up.

How many years had it been How many doctors in town had they looked for The doctors all said that the problem was in the brain and that it was hopeless.

He had once tried to find the old divine doctor, but who was he His whereabouts were uncertain, and he could not find him.

Even if he found it, he was worried that he wouldnt be able to pay enough.

That was why his youngest sons treatment had been delayed until now.

“Miracle Doctor, are you really willing to treat my youngest son” Old Master Ning looked at Gu Yu.

Not only was Old Master Ning happy, but the Ning family was also very happy.

Especially the eldest son of the Ning family.

He looked at Ning Guang.

Ever since his head was injured, he had become like this.

His family was worried sick about him.

“Then, Miracle Doctor, when do you think I should start treating my brother How much money do you need” The eldest son of the Ning family asked.

“Whats the hurry I broke my leg and my mind isnt clear.

I cant eat or sleep enough.

Whats the point of treating me The little old man looked at this group of people unhappily.

Didnt you see that he was taking in a disciple

“Besides, I took in a disciple.

This is a big gift for my disciple.

Why do I need money Am I someone who lacks money” Gu Yu said unhappily.

When Old Master Ning heard this, he slapped the back of the Ning familys eldest sons head.

“What are you doing Is the old divine doctor a commoner like us”

It would be bad if they angered him.

“Let the divine doctor rest first.

We cant disturb the divine doctor.

Everyone can talk after eating.”

“Grandpa and Uncle, Im hungry.

Shall we eat some meat today” Ning Yue quickly interrupted them.

If she continued, she would have to talk for a long time.

“Yueyue, were escaping from trouble.

Its not like at home.

Lets keep the meat for now.” Before Old Master Ning and Madam Ning could speak, someone spoke first and stopped Ning Yue from saying anything.

Ning Yue frowned and looked over.

Wasnt the person who spoke Third Aunt

Third Aunt was someone who would take advantage of anything.

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