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There were many of them.

One was fine.

If many came, what would they do

“How many are there” Although Ning Bai was a little flustered, he was a village chief.

He could not show weakness in front of everyone.

“About seven or eight.” Old Master Chen did not look happy either.

He was a hunter and had never seen so many tigers.

Ning Yue frowned.

Whether in modern times or ancient times, tigers were dangerous animals.

It was fine in the modern era.

There was a lot of technology to deal with tigers.

This was ancient times, and this was still the era of cold weapons.

The best weapons to deal with tigers were knives, spears, and clubs.


Ning Yue gently pressed the red mole on her wrist.

She had only discovered it after coming here.

This was a sign of the space.

At the moment, other than the hunting equipment that the villagers were using, the only thing that could be used to deal with the tigers was the security equipment in her space.

But there were too many people here.

She had to observe first.

If not, she would think of a way to get an electric baton and harpoon and appear as a cool young man.

“How far are the tigers from us” Ning Yue asked the Chen family.

“About ten miles.

We have a man watching the back.

Hell tell us if theres any movement,” Old Man Chen said.


Ten miles werent far or close.

It was just right.

Ning Yue turned around and approached Old Master Ning.

She whispered in his ear, “Grandpa, we can speed up and not run into those tigers.”

Old Master Ning nodded and told Ning Bai to get someone to pack up.

They would leave first.

Seeing this, Old Master Chen also got someone to look for the person observing the tigers from behind.

They walked a long way to avoid the tigers.

They didnt know how long.

Someone could not take it anymore and quietly asked Ning Bai, “Chief, can we rest now”

Ning Bai did not dare to conclude.

He turned to Old Master Chen.

Old Master Chen pondered for a moment and said to the person beside him.

That person turned around to observe.

However, even so, the group did not dare to stop.

Soon the man returned.

“The tigers are heading east.”

The mans words were a relief.

“Then lets rest here.

I wonder if its easy to walk behind this mountain path.

We have to eat and rest before continuing forward,” Ning Bai said.

After thinking for a moment, Ning Bai looked at Old Master Ning.

Old Master Ning quickly understood what he meant and said to Old Master Chen, “How about this Well walk together, but you have to listen to us on the way.”

When Old Master Chen heard this, he immediately agreed.

He had no choice if he could survive by following the people of the Ning Family Village!

Seeing this, Ning Yue found a place to sit down.

She was exhausted after the journey.

She took out her water bag and drank as she sat down.

She did not expect to sit on something soft.

The soft touch startled Ning Yue.

She looked carefully and saw a hand.

Ning Yue put away the water bag and went forward to check the situation.

She saw someone.

Ning Yue didnt say anything.

She took a look at this persons condition and guessed that he was just unconscious.

She couldnt do anything but call Old Madam Ning over.

“Grandma, theres someone here.

Go and take a look,” Ning Yue said.

Old Madam Ning went forward and pushed aside the bushes, revealing the person inside.

This person was almost covered in dust.

How long had he been lying there

There was still so much dust on the tall grass.

Ning Yue felt that this person must have rolled down from a high place and landed in the mud.

When Old Madam Ning heard Ning Yues words, she asked the young people to move him out and went forward to check his pulse.

After a while, she turned to look at Ning Yue.

“Yueyue, bring some water.”

Ning Yue nodded.

She could tell that the injury on this persons foot was not too serious.

It was not the main reason he was unconscious.

She took out her water bag and poured a bowl of water, feeding it to the man.

Soon, Ning Yue fed him a bowl of water and he woke up.

He blinked and looked around.

Seeing that these people were dressed like refugees, he asked, “Are you fleeing”

As soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it.

He had been rash!

“Im sorry,” he apologized quickly.

Ning Yue looked at this persons attire.

It smelled of Chinese medicine.

Was this person also a doctor

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