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Fortunately, the guards at the city gate did not notice that Ning Yue and the others were just refugees who had entered the city to buy supplies.

Ning Yue bought some sugar biscuits and dried fruits from the shop to hide the supplies she took out of the basket.

After the purchase, everyone did not leave immediately.

There were a lot of them.

If they left, it would easily arouse suspicion.

It would be bad if the refugees followed.

“You have to watch over everything!” Old Master Ning looked around with a dark expression.

Seeing that there were already refugees eyeing their supplies, he quickly organized the men in the village to surround and protect their supplies.

Otherwise, if they were really stolen, they would starve.

Ning Yue hid her basket.

There were many people here, so she couldnt take anything out casually.

She could just eat anything for dinner tonight.

Madam He made some wild vegetable porridge.

Although it was not oily, it could stave off hunger.

After eating and resting for a while, it was finally late at night.

Old Master Ning went forward and patted the sleeping people.

Hiding in the night, they left the city gate.

The people from the Chen Family Village watched them leave and quietly followed.

Not long after they left, Ning Yue realized that someone was following them.

She knew who it was without turning around.

That group of people had only left with them to survive.

Ning Yue told Old Master Ning.

Old Master Ning thought for a while.

“Its fine.

Let them follow us.

If we go around this mountain, we might have to borrow their strength.”

Ning Yue knew that Old Master Ning would say this, so she only reminded him.

“Grandpa, lets find a place to rest,” Ning Yue said to him.

She glanced at the clock in her space.

It was only one in the morning.

They could rest a little longer.

Ning Bai was following not far from Old Master Ning.

He had also heard Ning Yues words, so he said loudly to the entire team, “Everyone, take a break.”

Madam He kept the wild vegetable porridge in a clay jar with a layer of cloth to keep it warm.

“Yueyue, eat more.” Madam He looked at Ning Yue gently.

Ning Yue pouted.

This was either porridge or vegetables.

There was no oil at all.

“Is there only wild vegetable porridge”

Didnt they buy a lot of food Why didnt she see any meat

Madam He knew what she meant.

“Eat this first.

Well save those things for later.”

Ning Yue didnt say anything else.

She pretended to take something from the basket, but in fact, she took some food from the space.

She took some meat buns, steamed dumplings and steamed buns and guaranteed one for each person.

As for the steamed buns, she took them out because she planned to keep them for Madam He.

She took it out.

“Mother, lets eat this.”

Ning Yue stuffed the food into Madam Hes hand.

When Ning Guang saw this, he squeezed over.

“Daughter, its good food.” He looked at Ning Yue with big innocent eyes.

Ning Yue couldnt help but laugh.

This father!

She took the items and handed them to Ning Guang.

Ning Guang smiled.

Then, she picked up the remaining food and brought it to Old Master Ning and the Ning family.

“Hey, Yueyue, where did you get the money from” Old Master Ning frowned slightly.

This was not how money should be spent.

At this moment, Ning Yue and Eldest Brother Ning remembered that they had yet to tell Old Master Ning about “picking up” the jewelry.

Ning Yue glanced at the eldest son of the Ning family and turned to Old Master Ning.

“Grandpa, I was especially lucky.

I entered the city with Uncle and managed to pick up jewelry.”

As she spoke, Ning Yue gently placed her index finger on her lips.

“Grandpa, dont tell anyone.”

At this point, Ning Yue whispered into Old Master Nings ear, “Grandpa, I kept a little for myself and asked Uncle to buy some things.

I left the rest for Uncle.

Hell use it in the future.”

When Ning Yue said this, Old Master Nings eyes welled up.

“Yueyue is a good and blessed child.

In the future, your life will be smooth.”

“Grandpa, stop.


Before Ning Yue could finish speaking, there was a commotion behind her.

She turned around and saw that it was the people from the Chen Family Village.

Old Master Nings expression changed.

Why did these people suddenly come Could it be to snatch their food

The man stepped forward.

Before Old Master Ning could speak, he said, “Its a beast from the mountains.

Its a tiger.

Several tigers.”

A tiger

The villagers began to panic when they heard the word tiger.

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