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“Why Dont you believe that Eldest Uncle can bring these back” Eldest Uncle Ning pointed at the newly bought food on the ground and asked with a smile.

“This thing is so heavy.

If it were me, I would probably only be able to carry half a bag.” Ning Yue gestured at the sack.

When the Ning familys uncle saw this, he laughed out loud.

“Yueyue is a woman, so youre a little weak.

Usually, Uncle can carry two to three hundred kilograms.”

Now was the time to escape.

Seeing this food, they were happy and naturally carried more.

“Wow! Uncle is amazing!” Ning Yue pretended to admire him.

Just as everyone came out of the market, they met a group of people.

It looked like a rich family in this city.

It was unknown who was sitting in the sedan chair.

Ning Yues eyes lit up as she had an idea.

She quickly said to the Ning familys uncle, “Uncle, Ill go over and take a look.

Perhaps Ill be lucky enough to pick up something.”

With that, Ning Yue ran away.

Eldest Uncle Ning was about to stop her, but she had already run far away.

He had no choice but to shout at Ning Yues back, “Yueyue, be careful!”

Ning Yue ran behind the group of people.

When they left, she pretended to pick up something and quickly walked to the side of the Ning familys uncle.

She whispered excitedly, “Uncle, I picked up something.

Lets go see what it is.”

Ning Yue found a remote place and took out a wooden box wrapped in cloth.

Ning Yue lifted the cloth and revealed the box.

Ning Yue had specially chosen this box in the space.

It was considered ordinary compared to the other boxes in the space, but in the eyes of the Ning familys uncle, it was not the case.

The eldest uncle of the Ning family, who had been a farmer his entire life, had never seen such a good item.

His eyes widened.

Oh my god, this box was obviously something good.

Ning Yues luck was too good!

Ning Yue quietly opened the box and a hairpin appeared.

“This hairpin is so beautiful!” The Ning familys uncles tone was excited, but his voice was not loud.

Although he did not know how much this thing was worth, this hairpin was made of gold, so it must be valuable.

“Yueyue, I can save this for your dowry.”

Hearing her uncles words, Ning Yues nose turned sour.

Her uncle was so good.

He was thinking about her.

“Uncle, itll be a long time until I need dowry.

Right now, we have to solve the problem of food.

Lets exchange it for money.

Uncle, help me see how much this is worth.” Ning Yue handed the hairpin to her uncle.

She was going to take out a few gold rings, but then she thought it would be better to have a hairpin.

One would be enough.

Eldest Uncle Ning weighed it in his hand and had a plan in his heart.

“Its a little heavy.

It should be able to be exchanged for a lot of money.”

“Then Ill leave this to Uncle.

Please take it to the shop to sell.

Uncle, dont be too nice.

Remember to bargain with the shopkeeper.”

“Alright!” Eldest Uncle Ning didnt think too much about it.

He took the hairpin and walked towards the shop not far away.

Soon, the eldest uncle of the Ning family walked to Ning Yues side with a smile.

“Did you know that when I went to the shop and took out this hairpin, their young lady took a fancy to it at a glance and offered fifty taels of silver”

Fifty taels

Ning Yues eyes widened.

She thought that it would be ten or twenty taels at most.

She did not expect her uncle to sell it for fifty taels of silver.

Ning Yue blinked.

She kept twenty taels for herself and stuffed the remaining thirty taels into her uncles hands.

“Uncle, go buy some food.

You can keep the rest,” Ning Yue said.

When the Ning familys uncle heard this, he quickly refused.

“No, this is your own money.

I cant keep it!”

It was fine to take it out to buy food, but how could he keep her private money Moreover, Ning Yue was his junior!

“If Uncle doesnt keep these thirty taels of silver, I dont want it either.” As she spoke, Ning Yue took out the two taels of silver.

Seeing this, the Ning familys eldest uncle hurriedly pressed Ning Yues arm.

“No, no, no.

Ill take it.”

With the 30 taels Ning Yue gave him, he could buy more food.

However, he also listened to Ning Yue and took out twenty taels to buy food first.

He would keep the remaining ten taels.

Ning Yue and the eldest uncle of the Ning family had bought a lot of food.

If they took it all out of the city at once, it would be too eye-catching.

Therefore, they sent the food to the city gate first.

After Old Master Ning carried the things away, they returned to the city to take a rest.

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