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She wondered if the wolves had all gone down the mountain.

If not, the smell of blood might attract the attention of other wolves or other animals.

There was not much medicine left, only enough for the people of the Ning Family Village.

Everyone knew to hide it and use it quietly.

After dealing with everything, the village chief found an opportunity to speak to the people of the Chen Family Village.

“Youre Village Chief Chen, right How about this Lets plan our territory.”

Ning Bais meaning was obvious.

Dont approach us in the future.

If you do, dont blame us for being rude.

“Why Village Chief Ning, do you mean to kick us away in the future” Old Master Chens expression was also a little unfriendly.

“Dont tell me you dont know why you provoked the wolves!” Ning Bai shouted.

“That was before.

We have food now! Although its not much, its enough to eat.” Old Master Chen was unwilling to admit that he had eaten people.

After all, he had no choice.

Now that they had food, they were unwilling to eat people.

“I dont mean anything by it.

I just want you to stay away from us,” Ning Bai said.

In any case, it was never wrong to keep them away.

The people of the Chen Family Village knew that they were in the wrong, so they did not say anything and rested a little further away.

With this incident, Ning Bai finally made a decision.

They entered the mountains and took a detour.

There was no way into the city, but there had to be a way out.

Ning Bais words were echoed by everyone.

“Tomorrow, well gather some money and send a few representatives into the city to buy something.

We dont know the exact situation in the mountains, and were still a distance away from entering the mountains.

We have to make more preparations.”

Ning Bai glanced at the sky.

It was late at night.

They had to take the time to rest and send someone into the city tomorrow.

The next day, Ning Bai arranged for a few people to enter the city.

Other than the silver they needed to enter the city, they did not have much left.

Ning Yue also followed them into the city.

Old Master Ning privately gave Ning Yue a tael of silver.

“Yueyue, buy something delicious you see.

You cant refuse.”

She was so sensible, so Old Master Ning was naturally willing to dote on her.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Ning Yue took the silver.

She had no idea how much one tael of silver was worth.

However, she wanted to enter the city to get some supplies from her space.

Without the money from Old Master Ning, she wouldnt be able to explain herself.

With this money, Ning Yue, the eldest son of the Ning family, and the second son entered the city together.

The sun was high in the sky and it was unbearably hot.

They had just entered the city and they were already sweating.

In addition, they had not bathed for a long time, and the smell on their bodies was a little pungent.

Although they were embarrassed, they entered the city to buy food.

The city was not as prosperous as they had imagined.

There were open shops, but they were deserted.

In order to exchange for some money, they still sold some of their things at home.

In this way, they would have more money to buy food.

In order to sell them early, they had to reduce the price of all these things.

It was at least half the price they bought them for.

After dealing with the items, the eldest uncle of the Ning family had twenty taels of silver in his hand.

Looking at the white silver, Uncle Ning touched it reluctantly.

This was all money.

“When we go to Linzhou, we have to buy these things again.

I wonder how much money it will cost.”

Yes, money will be needed in many places.

Ning Yue sighed in her heart.

She had a lot of gold and silver jewelry in her space.

It would be worth a lot of money if she took it out to sell.

However, it was not like she had no choice and to take it out now.

They went to the drugstore first.

They had to pass through the mountains.

In addition to food and water, they needed medicine the most.

In order to speed up, they split into three groups.

Some went to the drugstore to buy medicine, while others went to buy food.

As Ning Yue was part of the Ning family team, she followed Eldest Uncle Ning to buy food.

Along the way, she thought about how to exchange things for silver.

She wanted to use this opportunity to take food out of her space.

She had been eating dry food all the way here and she was sick of it.

At the thought of this, Ning Yue decided to see how much they could carry first so that she could calculate how much food she had to sell from the space.

She pretended to be curious and asked, “Uncle, how much can you carry”

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