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Unable to Enter the City

Actually, Ning Yue had already eaten her fill on the mountains, but Madam He insisted that she eat another big steamed bun.

She barely ate one and was too full.

“Mother, Ill take Xiaobao to pee.” After eating the steamed buns, Ning Yue stood up with Xiaobao in her arms.

“Sure.” Madam He was in a good mood today.

An unprecedented relaxed atmosphere enveloped everyone, sweeping away the desolation from before.

Usually, many children cried at night because they were hungry and thirsty.

Tonight, no children cried.

It was all laughter.

Ning Yue felt very comfortable when she heard the laughter behind her.

Indeed, a childs laughter was the best cure.

She came to a patch of grass and untied the swaddling clothes.

Then, she helped Xiaobao pee.

When he was done, she changed his diapers and carried him back to Madam He.

Then, she carried Xiaobei to the grass to help him pee.

Although the two children were twins, girls were still more delicate, so Ning Yue took more care of Xiaobei, especially when it came to changing diapers.

In these troubled times, the two originally thin babies began to gain weight under her care.

Their small faces gained flesh and their spirits improved.

Occasionally, Ning Yue would try to put them down and let them stand against the tree for a while to learn to walk.

Previously, due to malnutrition, neither child could stand or walk at all.

They could have stood at almost a year old.

Now that they had nutrition, the childrens legs were stronger.

They could even support themselves against the tree for a few minutes.

These changes made Ning Yue very happy.

She was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Raising a child was really hard, but it was also a great thing.

She now treated Xiaobao and Xiaobei as her biological children and mentally accepted the fact that she had become a mother.

Everyone slept well that night.

Even the men on watch had more energy and didnt feel tired at all.

The next day, everyone woke up early in the morning to make breakfast before continuing their journey.

Master Ning told everyone that they would reach White Cloud City in another two to three days.

White Cloud City was the border between Xin Prefecture and Lin Prefecture.

If the drought in Lin Prefecture was not serious, the people of Ning Family Village could settle down there.

“Sister, Ill carry Xiaobao!” Ning walked over and offered to help carry the child.

Ning the Second did the same.

“Ill carry Xiaobei.”

The two of them were the oldest boys in the family and already looked like little adults.

They were tall and thin and had good genes from the Ning family.

Previously, they had been busy going out with their father to find food and water, and they were not full every day, so they did not have the strength at all.

Now, thanks to Ning Yue, they were full, so they naturally had to help her share the burden.

Madam Qu said, “Quick, Yueyue, let your two brothers carry you.

Look at how thin and tired you are!”

“Alright, thank you, brothers.” Ning Yue smiled and handed the children to Dalang and Erlang

Ning Dalang and Ning Erlang each carried a child on their backs.

They smiled at each other, then strode on.

The next two days were the easiest time Ning Yue had since she transmigrated.

This was because the others around her were relaxed.

There was no oppressive atmosphere and no heart-wrenching cries.

On the morning of the third day, the group finally arrived at White Cloud City.

Looking at the tall walls, Ning Yue felt a sense of dignity and solemnity.

“Were finally here.

I wonder if your aunt and the others are here” Old Madam Ning said excitedly.

Eldest Aunt and Second Aunt were the eldest in the family.

They were even older than Eldest Brother Ning.

They had long been married, and their families were not far away.

They were near the Ning Family Village.

When the drought broke out, everyone discussed escaping.

Originally, Eldest Aunt and Second Aunt wanted to escape with the Ning family, but they still chose to escape separately.

As they still had husbands and children.

It was impossible for her to bring all these people to the Ning family, and Uncle and the others would not agree.

Before escaping, Old Master Ning had made an appointment with the aunts and the others to escape to Xin Prefecture.

If the drought there was serious, they would turn to White Cloud City and enter Lin Prefecture before thinking of a way to reunite.

“Well look for them when we enter the city,” Old Master Ning replied.

Everyone was worried about the safety of their two aunts, but there were no phones or Internet here.

No matter how worried they were, they could only endure it and wait until they could meet again.

Under Ning Bais lead, everyone rushed towards the city gate.

However, as they walked, they realized that something was wrong.

There were refugees all over the waste grounds outside the gates.

Some were crying, some were dying, and some were looting.

The gates were closed, as if they could not be entered.

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