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Unchanging Intentions

Ning Bai also went down.

The cave was clearly visible because of the flashlight.

He looked at the food on the floor in the corner and gasped.

So much! At least a thousand kilograms!

If they could take all of it away, the people in their village could last for more than half a month.

They could even eat sparingly for a month as long as they did not starve to death.

“Why is there so much food” Ning Bai was in disbelief.

Eldest Brother Ning also rubbed his hands happily.

“Maybe its food from some landlords house in the past.

He hid it before the drought and forgot to take it away!”

“Yes, maybe that person didnt expect the drought to last so long!” Ning Yue quickly echoed.

Ning Bais tears suddenly flowed out.

He knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

“Thank you, God, for opening your eyes and giving our Ning Family Village a way out!”

As he spoke, he wanted to bow to Ning Yue again, but she quickly helped him up.

“Village Chief, dont be like this.

This is Gods will for us to survive.

I was just a little lucky to find this opportunity.

Lets quickly pack up the food.

Everyone, have a good rest after youre done tonight.

Itll be easier tomorrow.”

Ning Bai wiped his tears.

As an unyielding man, he should not kneel down to a woman.

However, Ning Yues luck had benefited the entire Ning Family Village.

She had saved so many lives!

If kneeling to a woman could keep the villagers alive, Ning Bai would kneel and break his legs.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Everyone, quickly pack the food!” Ning Bai wiped his tears and started packing a sack.

Everyone was very motivated.

After they were done packing, they handed bags to those at the entrance of the cave.

The people above took the sacks and sent them down the mountain.

After working for almost two hours, they finally finished packing the food.

It was clean and they took the coarse cloth away.

Ning Yue followed everyone down the mountain.

This feeling of saving people was really too amazing.

She was indeed like in her previous life and was a good person.

“So, so much!” Madam Feng was dumbfounded when she saw the bags of food.

Madam Qu and Madam Qi were also too excited to speak.

Madam He hugged the children and swayed happily.

“Xiaobao, your mother is really a lucky star.

In the future, you will also be a lucky star!”

Beside him, Xiaobei, who was in Balangs arms, started babbling.

Madam He quickly coaxed him.

“Oh, my Xiaobei is also a little lucky star!”

The two kids already understood a lot of what was being said.

The grains were placed on the ground and Ning Bai began to distribute it according to the number of people in each family.

If there were more people, they would get more.

If there were fewer people, there would be less.

They would each think of a way to hide it and not let anyone discover it.

Most of them kept them on their own handcarts with miscellaneous items on them that didnt attract attention.

“Lets not spend the night at the foot of the mountain.

Lets walk a little further and find a safer place to rest.” After distributing the food, Ning Bai felt more confident and more cautious.

The village chief made sense.

In addition, everyone was very excited and had no complaints about continuing on their way.

The group continued on like this, crossing the mountain and finding a forest to spend the night.

Ning Yue looked back at the mountain.

This was a good assistant to help her complete her plan.

She hoped it would help more people here.

When she went down the mountain, she had already secretly thrown a lot of dry food into the bushes.

If any other escapees found this place, they would naturally discover it after going up the mountain.

The world was hard.

All she could do was try to help others, but only if she could protect herself.

Not long after they left, a few refugees took advantage of the night to go up the mountain.

They were also extremely hungry.

Even if there were some wild vegetables on the mountain that they could eat, they were willing to do so.

“A steamed bun!”

“This is rice!”

The few of them suddenly realized that there was something on the road.

They walked closer and took a closer look.

It was actually food!

Was this a life-saving straw bestowed by the heavens The few of them immediately fought over the food.

One of the tall men won and finished the steamed bun in two bites.

The rice was also monopolized by him.

The others could only look elsewhere.

Unexpectedly, there was food on and off along the way.

They had the happiest night they had had in a while and were well fed.

Meanwhile, Ning Yue and the others had already arrived at a forest in front of them and were resting.

As they had food, everyone had the luxury of eating more dry rations to fill their stomachs before sleeping.

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