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Another Cheap Trick

The people waiting at the foot of the mountain looked anxiously up the mountain, hoping to hear good news but afraid that the news would be bad.

Madam He hugged Xiaobao tightly in her arms, and Xiaobei was carried by Ning Balang.

She silently prayed for her daughters blessing to appear again.

The night was dead silent until a figure rushed down the hill and returned to the main group.

Ning Baili immediately asked, “Liu Si, how is it Why did you come down alone”

The others surrounded the man as well.

The mans face was wild with joy.

He panted, “Theres water.

Theres water up there!”

The simple words almost made everyone cry out in surprise.

However, everyone knew that they could not make such a huge commotion.

It would attract the attention of the other refugees nearby.

It was best for them to go up the mountain quietly to collect water.

Ning Bai was extremely excited.

He finally saw hope for the villagers!

“Send two men to each household.

Bring all the water bags.

Anything that can hold water.

Then go up the mountain to fill them.

The rest of you stay here,” he instructed.

If all of them went up the mountain, it would be troublesome.

Besides, there were only so many water bags.

There was no need to fill them all up.

Some families had already suffered too many casualties.

Only orphans and widows were left, so the more populated families volunteered a man to go up the mountain and fill the water bags.

Old Master Ning was also going up the mountain.

He was really excited and wanted to see where the water was.

“Alright, Second Master Ning, lets go up together.” Ning Bai nodded at Old Master Ning.

The group headed up the mountain with their water bags.

Everyone tried to be as quiet as possible, not daring to make too much noise.

After reaching the mountainside, Liu Si led them to the small pond.

“Grandpa! Village Chief!” When Ning Yue saw Elder Ning and Ning Bai, she hurriedly went over.

Her innocent face smiled warmly in the moonlight.

Ning Bai looked at Ning Yue as if she was an immortal.

This young lady was amazing.

She was really someone blessed by the heavens.

Her dream had come true and she had come to find water.

She was simply the Bodhisattva of the Ning Family Village!

But now was not the time for compliments.

He had to pretend first.

This was the wilderness, not their own courtyard.

Other escapees could appear at any moment.

Old Master Ning held Ning Yues hand, his eyes filled with relief.

Why was his granddaughter so lovable

“Everyone, quickly load up on water.

Dont squeeze.

Take turns refilling the water bags and then immediately go down the mountain,” Ning Bai instructed everyone in a low voice.

“Okay,” they all agreed.

Ning Yue picked up the two water bags that she had already filled and deliberately said to Old Master Ning and Ning Bai, “Grandpa and Village Chief, Ill go back first since you guys are here.

My children are still down there!”

“Alright, go down quickly and watch your step,” Ning Bai replied.

Ning Yue nodded, but in her heart, she thought that she definitely couldnt pay attention to her feet.

She had to “accidentally” trip and fall into a stone cave that she had just seen.

When Ning Guang and Ning Yue were looking for water just now, Ning Yue had discovered the cave.

On their way up the mountain, she saw that it was blocked by a pile of vines.

It had a hole that faced upwards.

She did not know what it looked like inside.

Ning Yue went down the mountain alone.

When no one was paying attention, she came to the entrance of the cave again.

After pushing aside the vines, she immediately crawled in.

“Ah!” It was surprisingly steep going down.

She almost lost her footing and fell.

Fortunately, she reacted quickly.

She immediately grabbed a vine beside her and stabilized herself.

Then she took out a flashlight from her space and felt her way down.

It must have been a natural cave that was cleverly made.

The hole went all the way down, but after sliding down a little, it began to level out again.

The deeper she went, the wider it became.

There was nothing in it but some stones.

It was very dry.

There shouldnt be any snakes in the middle of the night, right Ning Yue carefully took out the snake repellent from her space and sprinkled it around.

Then she took out a charging bulb and pulled a dry vine off the wall to hang it.

Instantly, the entire cave lit up.

Due to the twists and turns of the entrance, the light wouldnt spread out.

Ning Yue shrugged her shoulders.

Good lord, she was going to start doing physical work!

She went to the space and went directly to the warehouse.

She had checked before.

The warehouse was filled with all kinds of food.

There was rice, brown rice, black rice and basically all kinds of rice.

There were also all kinds of green beans, red beans, black beans, and so on.

It was inexhaustible.

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