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This is something from thousands of years later.

Of course you havent seen it, Grandpa! Ning Yue thought to herself.

This little disturbance passed in an instant, and everyone began to prepare dinner.

Food and water were extremely hard to come by.

Even though they thought that they could last two days last night, in fact, everyones water was running out tonight.

Some children wanted to drink more, but their parents rejected them sternly, so they started crying again.

“Lets walk for another day.

There should be a few tall mountains nearby.” Old Master Ning frowned and recalled carefully.

He vaguely remembered that there were mountains nearby.

His words jolted the others.

“Dad, you remember”

“I remember a little.” Old Master Ning nodded.

“Everyone, hold on for another day or two.

As long as we can find the mountains, theres hope of finding water and food.”

Whether it was wild vegetables or wild animals, as long as they could fill their stomach, they were all food.

Ning Yue calculated in her heart.

If there were really mountains, it would be easy.

“Wah…” At this moment, Xiaobao started to cry.

His face was red and he seemed very uncomfortable.

Ning Yues heart tightened.

She quickly carried the child and said to Madam He, “Mother, Xiaobao might not want to lie down.

Ill take him for a walk.

Hes nearby.”

“Ill come with you.” Madam He started to follow.

“Ill be right there.

You have to watch Xiaobei for me.” Ning Yue quickly refused and pointed nearby.

There was a small mound there that would provide some cover.

Madam He was worried, but it was indeed too much to follow her for a short distance.

Ning Yue carried Xiaobao to the mound and hid behind it.

She checked on the childs condition.

It was fine if he didnt pee, but he drank milk at noon.

She felt that Xiaobaos clothes seemed to be wet with sweat.

She immediately untied his clothes and realized that the child had a rash on his back.

Xiaobao was a boy, so he was usually stronger and liked to move a little more.

This was why he felt hotter than usual.

Ning Yues heart ached.

She quickly found a childs ointment from her space and applied it on Xiaobao.

She let him cool down for a while before putting on his clothes again.

After applying the medicine, Xiaobao indeed stopped crying.

He just looked at Ning Yue with red eyes, as if he was very aggrieved.

“Baby, Im sorry.

I didnt notice your rash.” Ning Yue felt very guilty.

If she had the chance, she would definitely give her child a shower.

After carrying Xiaobao back, Madam He asked, “Whats wrong”

“Hes fine.

He probably just wanted to take a walk.

Hes not crying anymore,” Ning Yue replied.

“Its been hard on these children.” Madam He shook her head.

Everyone went to bed after dinner.

Tomorrow would be a little difficult.

They needed to rest early and recover their energy.

They did not want to move too much lest they exhausted their stamina in advance.

Ning Yue was the last to fall asleep.

Before she fell asleep, she specially went into the space to see if she could use anything.

She found a box with a self-heating hot pot and controlled it with her mind so as to not leave the space.

As the aroma wafted out, the self-heating hot pot was ready to eat.

These days, in order not to expose herself, she ate and drank with everyone.

She rarely had the chance to avoid everyone and secretly eat a little.

Her appetite was increased by the aroma, and she ate it all at once.

“How nice!” Ning Yue burped and sighed.

She was very melancholic again.

If only she could share these with everyone.

After she came out of the space, sure enough, no one noticed her and she didnt smell like hotpot.


Looks like I can just eat in the space.

Ill try showering in the space next time.”

After eating, Ning Yue slept very well.

She slept until dawn before getting up and continuing to follow the group.

From sunrise to sunset, it was an unusually difficult day.

In the heat, some people fell and lost their breaths, while others died of illness.

When Ning Yue heard this news, she felt terrible.

“What if we cant find the mountains” Old Madam Nings old body swayed, her eyes filled with despair.

“There will be, I remember it!” Old Master Ning felt that his place was more and more familiar.

He had come here to deliver things a long time ago, and his tone was firm.

“Dad, really” This time, Third Madam Qi couldnt help but ask.

“Yes, I remember correctly!” Old Master Ning replied firmly.

Ning Yue was delighted.

Didnt that mean she could secretly contribute in the next two days She was a little excited.

Madam Qu and Madam Feng both looked happy.

They thought that with mountains, there would be water.

With water, there would be wild vegetables and wild animals.

Everyone should not starve to death.

Eldest Brother Ning encouraged everyone.

“Everyone, hold on a little longer.

Lets walk faster tomorrow.

Well definitely reach there.”

Third Brother Ning went to Ning Bais place and told them what Old Master Ning had said, asking them to inform the villagers.

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