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First Aid Kit

Ning Guang looked at the electric baton in his hand and wondered what this black rod was for.

Ning Yue patiently taught him to press the switch.

If he tried it, Ning Guang would learn such a simple skill no matter how stupid he was.

“If a bad person wants to bully us, just press this and hit him.

He will fall down and we will be safe.

Do you understand, Father” Ning Yue picked up a child with each hand and reminded Ning Guang.

Ning Guang nodded seriously.

“Alright, Ill listen to Yueyue obediently and not let bad people bully us!”

Looking at her silly and innocent father, Ning Yue smiled.

She carried the children out of the dilapidated temple and the dilapidated courtyard door before she could see the environment outside clearly.

“Damn…” Ning Yue couldnt help but gasp.

The ruined temple was halfway up the mountain, but as far as the eye could see, there wasnt much greenery.

There was cracked soil everywhere, and withered grass that had already turned yellow.

Forget crops, the tenacious weeds were almost dead.

She felt like she was at the end of the world…

No wonder people ate people.

Ning Yue knew that her current situation was very dangerous, and she had two children and a father with low intelligence, so she had to find a safe place to stay as soon as possible.

It was too inconvenient to carry the babies.

Ning Yue found two straps from her space.

They were made for carrying children.

They were made of pure cloth and didnt look out of place.

She carried one baby behind and the other in front.

She also took out a few large meat buns and two bottles of water.

She had to fill her stomach while she was safe.

She would try not to eat when she went down so that she wouldnt be targeted.

“Bun, what a big bun…” Ning Guang swallowed his saliva when he saw the food.

Then, he pushed it to Ning Yue.

“Yueyue, eat it.

I wont eat it.

Ill give it to my daughter!”

“Father, I still have more.

Those two big baddies had a lot of good stuff just now.

I put them all away.” Ning Yue coaxed Ning Guang.

This way, she could explain where so many things came from.

Ning Guang smiled happily.

“Theres so much delicious food.

Yueyue is amazing.”

Ning Yue stuffed the bun into Ning Guangs hands and a bottle of water.

Then, she quickly ate it herself.

She had been hungry for so many days, so one meat bun just now was useless.

After eating three meat buns and drinking a bottle of water, Ning Yue finally felt full.

When Ning Guang saw that Ning Yue had finished eating, he imitated her and ate the bun in big mouthfuls.

After drinking the water, he remembered to put away the bottle for Ning Yue.

After eating and drinking their fill, the two of them immediately went down the mountain to find a safe place to stay.

After searching for a long time, they found a small cave at the foot of a mountain.

There were many vines at the entrance, all of which were poisonous, so no one dared to eat them.

With the vines blocking the way, it was not easy to be discovered if they lived in the cave.

Ning Yue pushed the vines aside and walked in.

There was nothing inside except for some weeds.

It was late and the two children were tired.

Ning Yue cleaned the cave briefly and took out a thin blanket from her space.

She placed the children on it to rest.

She also found a few candles and lit them to provide light.

“Father, go out and guard the entrance of the cave.

Call me if anyone comes.

Use the rod to protect yourself.

Ill feed the child first.

Ill guard the cave for you later in the night,” Ning Yue said to Ning Guang.

Ning Guang picked up the electric baton and hugged it in his arms.

He nodded vigorously and pushed aside the vines to guard the entrance of the cave.

Ning Yue took out another milk bottle and a bucket of milk powder from her space.

She soaked it in warm water and took turns feeding the children.

The two little fellows were really too thin.

She just wanted to fatten them up.

After the siblings finished drinking the milk, Ning Yue found a few rags and wrapped the milk bottle.

It looked tattered.

This way, she wouldnt have to secretly feed them in the future and had to explain what a milk bottle was.

“Good babies, go to sleep.

Ill take good care of you in the future.

I wont let you suffer from the cold and hunger again.” Looking at the innocent eyes of the children in the swaddling clothes, Ning Yue said gently and lovingly.

She couldnt help but touch their little faces.

As the two little fellows were learning to speak, they could already vaguely call herMother.

Ning Yues heart melted.

After coaxing them for a while, the children fell asleep.

However, Ning Yue did not rest immediately.

Instead, she tried to recall the first aid kit she had once used.

Although having food was very good, medical treatment in ancient times was a very serious problem.

If the children suddenly fell sick or something, she had to think of a way to treat them.

She was pleasantly surprised when, with a thought, the familiar first aid kit appeared in front of her.

Inside were the silver needles she was good at using, various medicines and medical tools.

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