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As for Ning Yue, she followed Ning Tian and the others all the way.

After confirming the general direction, she took out some firecrackers from her space and dismantled them to make a simple bomb.

This was not difficult for her.

Then, she pulled out a mountain bike and rushed in the direction of Ning Tian and the others.

Soon, she saw two powerful beams of light.

Eldest Brother Ning and the others were there!

A carriage was parked in the middle of the road.

About five or six guards had knives in their hands and were pointing them at Eldest Brother Ning and the others who were unarmed.

Ning Yue was very fast, but Ning Tian and the others had yet to arrive.

“Give us the water or Ill kill you!” An old voice came from the carriage.

Why did it sound so familiar

Only then did she remember that the Zhenbei Generals residence was her biological fathers home.

The old ladys voice sounded like her grandmother.

The Hosts memories were missing the part about the Generals residence.

Ning Yue did not deliberately think about it, but now that she heard this voice, she actually regained some memories.

Damn it, when she was at the Generals residence, this so-called grandmother was the main person making things difficult for her!

Anger rose in Ning Yues heart.

She did not expect to meet this old lady here.

This was a good opportunity to collect debts!

“We have no more water!” Ning Bai shouted.

He had sworn to defend this last bit of water.

As soon as he finished speaking, one of the guards kicked him.

He fell to the ground in a sorry state.

Eldest Brother Ning tried to stop him, but he was also knocked to the ground by the other two guards.

Although they were also men in their prime, how could they compare to the guards of the Generals residence

After all, those were trained thugs!

Third Brother Ning was inevitably beaten up.

The three of them held onto the water bags tightly and refused to take them out.

Why hadnt the reinforcements arrived yet Eldest Brother Ning was in despair.

Was he going to die here tonight

Just as they were beginning to despair, a thin young person dressed entirely in black rushed out.

He raised some powder in his hand and dropped it on the guards.


The guards immediately felt a sharp pain on their skin and screamed.

It was Ning Yues special poison powder.

It was too dangerous to fight these people one-on-one, and a waste of time.

Poisoning them would be the quickest.

Looking at the fallen guards, Ning Yue took out her electric baton and gave these people a messy beating.

Eldest Brother Ning and the others were stunned.

They did not expect a stranger to come and save them.

Although the other party was wrapped up tightly and looked like a teenager with a strange weapon in his hand, he looked very powerful.

The people outside wailed incessantly, alarming those who stayed in the carriage.

The old lady in the carriage lifted the curtain and saw that all the guards she had brought with her had fallen.

She was shocked.

Before she could retreat, someone appeared in the carriage and grabbed her by the lapels.

“Hand over the water and food!”

Ning Yue deliberately lowered her voice and pretended to be a young man.

As she spoke, she glanced into the carriage and saw that there was actually another person inside.

She took a closer look; she actually looked a little like her.

Wasnt this the old ladys favorite granddaughter, her good sister

In the Generals residence, Ning Yue had been bullied by this good sister many times.

“Grandma, what should we do” Ning Qing asked the old lady with a bitter expression.

The old lady felt that her doting granddaughter was too useless.

She had been timid all the way and relied on her old bones to support her.

Now that she was facing such danger, she was asking her what to do

Hand over the water, of course!

She was the Matriarch of the Zhenbei Generals residence.

Her status was noble, and her life was more precious than water.

Staying alive was the most important thing!

The Matriarch took out two water bags from under the stool.

They were both half-full.

She handed them to Ning Yue with a terrified expression.

“Young hero, thats all we have.

Let us go.

Were from the Zhenbei Generals residence.

We can give you gold, silver, and jewelry in the future!”

“Who cares” Ning Yue sneered.

With the electric baton in her hand, she pushed the old lady away and searched her.

She found two full water bags and a bag of cornbread.

These two people were really greedy.

They clearly had food and drinks but insisted on robbing others.

This kind of personality was really disgusting.

Ning Yue directly collected all the water and food.

The Matriarch and Ning Qing were already in despair.

“Serves you right.” Ning Yue glanced at the two of them and got out of the carriage.

The Matriarch quickly came out and hit the horse hard before rushing away.

She couldnt stay here for long.

The image of herself being bullied flashed across Ning Yues mind.

She felt that it was not enough to vent her anger.

She took out the simple bomb and accurately threw it onto the carriage.

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