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Snake Meat

Ning Bai was wondering what else he could eat today.

When he opened the cloth, he saw that it was a bowl of cured meat porridge.

It was fragrant and thick.

Stunned, he quickly put the cloth back over it.

“Yueyue, this isnt right.

We gave you this bacon.

Why did you send so much over”

Ning Tian and his wife were coaxing their hungry child.

When they saw this scene, they were speechless and grateful.

“Village Chief, I met a kind-hearted benefactor previously who gave me some food.

I can still hold on.

Dont worry,” Ning Yue replied.

She left while Ning Bais family stared after her.

After a while, their child cried again.

Ning Bai gritted his teeth and fed the child some porridge.

The three adults ate a few mouthfuls and saved the rest for lunch.

After organizing their luggage, everyone began to hurry again.

The sun began to rise, roasting the earth without stopping.

After walking for a long time, the people of the Ning Family Village came to a forest.

This place was extremely desolate.

Even if there were green plants, they were poisonous and could not be eaten.

But they could still rest.

Ning Yue carried her children and took shelter under a tree.

Everyone began to prepare lunch which would be dry food.

After eating, they would sleep for a while.

Since it was too hot, it was easy to get heatstroke if they continued to travel.

Everyone was sleepy, but Ning Yue heard a strange sound.

She looked around and when she finally looked up, she was almost frightened to death.

An arm-thick snake was actually coiled on the tree, flicking its tongue at her.

Soon, she went from shock to surprise!

Snake meat could be eaten!

She stared at the snake, then put the children somewhere safe.

She took the electric baton and knife from Ning Guang and began to lure the snake down the tree.

“Yueyue, snake, snake!” Ning Guang also came over and exclaimed softly.

“Shh.” Ning Yue motioned for him to be quiet, her eyes fixed on the snake as it began to descend the tree.

He wondered what this snake had eaten.

It was so thick.

If it could be roasted, then everyone in the Ning Family Village could have a bite.

It was really worth it.

When Ning Yue saw the snake coming down and wanted to attack her, she quickly grabbed the snakes head and smashed the back of the knife at its seven inches.

The snake died instantly.

Just in case it wasnt dead, she tasered it a few times.

“Theres good food!” Ning Yue glanced at her family who were still sleeping.

Then, she walked to the side and quickly peeled the snake skin.

She didnt throw the snake skin away.

It could be eaten after roasting it.

She got some barbecue materials from the space and secretly marinated them.

Then, she asked Ning Guang to start a fire.

Ning Guangs fire making skills were not bad.

Soon, the fire started burning.

Originally, Ning Yue could have cooked it in the space, but she was afraid that everyone would not be able to find any traces of roasting when they woke up, so she decided to roast it on the spot.

This snake weighed at least five kilograms.

After cutting open its stomach, she realized that there were human bones inside!

Ning Yue felt a chill on her back, but she quickly calmed down.

As long as they didnt eat human flesh directly, it was fine.

Snakes ate human flesh, but it didnt matter if they ate snake flesh.

There were dead people everywhere these days.

Many carnivores had probably eaten human flesh.

She cleaned the snakes stomach and roasted it on the fire.

The fragrance quickly woke everyone up.

Seeing the snake meat, Old Master Ning was overjoyed.

“Yueyue, did you catch the snake”

“Yes, this snake must have eaten a lot of human flesh.

Its very fat,” Ning Yue replied with a smile as she roasted it.

When the others smelled the fragrance, they could not help but gather around.

Dozens of people surrounded Ning Yue.

Everyone had greedy but restrained expressions in their eyes.

The children bit their fingers and looked pitifully.

If this snake was not shared, it would be enough for Ning Yues family to eat for a few days.

Everyone else knew that they would not share it.

It was not like they were living Bodhisattvas.

Some people were even crazy with hunger.

Their eyes were already red and they had thoughts of robbery.

After the snake meat was roasted, Ning Yue cut off the fatter parts one by one and gave them to Old Master Ning, Old Madam Ning, a few elders, her parents, and her younger brother.

There was still a lot left.

“I just killed this snake.

It ate a lot of human meat to become so fat.

If you dont mind, you can have a bite.

If you do, forget it.” Ning Yue sat beside the snake meat and said loudly to everyone.

Immediately, the crowd became restless.

Everyone could not believe that Ning Yue was willing to split this snake!

They were about to starve to death, so why would tge care what this snake had eaten Some people would even eat human flesh directly!

“I want some!” someone stood up and held out his hand, begging.

“Thank you.”

Ning Yue smiled, cut off a palm-sized piece of meat with bones to that person.

The others were ecstatic.

One by one, they stepped forward to take a piece of meat and then ate it eagerly.

The entire forest was filled with the fragrance of snake meat.

Even the bones were eaten clean.

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