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236 Reason

After resolving the misunderstanding, all her worries dissipated.

Ning Yue was now relaxed.

As she had confirmed Jiang Yings intentions, other than being relaxed, she was also very happy.

However, when she returned home, she saw the depressed Old Master Ning.

Ning Yue thought that Old Master Ning just missed Wu Chang, but it didnt just look like he missed him.

She could vaguely see guilt on Old Master Nings face.

Ning Yue couldnt help but ask Old Master Ning what was going on.

“Did Grandpa read something in Great Uncle Wu Changs letter” Ning Yue asked.

Old Master Ning sighed heavily.

“I didnt plan to tell you about this, but on second thought, theres no harm in telling you.”

It turned out that the letter from Wu Chang mentioned that he was most worried about his son.

His son was born with a disability.

He was afraid that he would lose his courage when facing life in the future.

“Wheres Great Uncle Wu Changs son” Ning Yue asked again.

Hearing Ning Yues question, Old Master Ning sighed again.

“Grandpa, stop sighing.

Tell me whats going on,” Ning Yue said.

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“Do you still remember Ning Fang According to seniority, you should call him Uncle,” Old Master Ning asked.

Ning Fang The Ning Fang that the old man had mentioned had been disabled since he was young.

One side of his leg was much smaller than a normal leg, so Ning Yue had a deep impression of this person.

“I remember, Grandpa.

Didnt Uncle Ning Fang pass away very early”

She remembered that he had died after his son was born.

Many years after his death, his son had married and had children.

In other words, if Ning Fang was still around, he could see his great-grandson being born.

“Ning Fang is your Great Uncle Wu Changs son,” Old Master Ning said.

Ning Yue understood and was puzzled.

Ning Fangs mother was Madam Liu.

No wonder no matter how long-winded Madam Liu was in the past, Old Master Ning had been tolerant of her.

“But Grandpa, isnt Grandma Liu your cousin-in-law Why is she related to Wu Chang” She was confused.

Before escaping from the wilderness, Madam Liu kept borrowing food and water from their family.

It was even more so during the period of escape.

As long as Madam Liu didnt have anything to eat, she would come to their house.

But wasnt that because Madam Liu was the wife of her grandfathers cousin

“Its like this.

Wus surname is an external surname.

In the past, Wu Chang played with me.

At that time, my uncle saw that he was pitiful, so he called him his child and changed his surname to Ning.

He was brought out to travel the world since he was young and rarely returned to the village.”

“Our relationship is good to begin with, and everyone believes my uncles words.

We didnt deliberately explain it to others, so not many people know,” Old Master Ning said.

So that was what happened.

Ning Yue was enlightened.

“Grandpa, so youre sad that Uncle Ning Fang has passed away and cant complete Great Uncle Wu Changs instructions,” Ning Yue asked.

Old Master Ning nodded.

“When I was out for a period of time, Ning Fang passed away.”

It turned out that Old Master Ning felt guilty about this matter, but this was nothing unexpected.

After all, with Ning Fangs health, the doctor had long asserted that he would not live past forty.

What made Old Master Ning feel the most guilty was that when he returned to the Ning Family Village, he realized that Ning Fangs family did not have the money to collect his corpse.

His family had wrapped the corpse in a mat and buried it hastily in the back mountain.

Later, when Old Master Ning returned, he bought another coffin to bury Ning Fang.

Old Master Ning felt that he did not care enough about the families of the Wu Chang, which was why Ning Fang did not have the money to collect his corpse when he died.

If he had cared more, Ning Fang would not have been like this when he left.

“Grandpa, you shouldnt think that way.

Let me say something disrespectful.

Madam Liu is lazy to begin with.

No matter how much you care, shell take it for granted.

No matter how much money you give her, shell spend it all.

It can only be said that the world is unpredictable.

You didnt expect such a thing,” Ning Yue comforted.

“Thats true, but I still feel terrible.” Old Master Ning was a kind person to begin with.

Thinking of Ning Fang, he felt extremely guilty.

He was not a god and could not extend Ning Fangs life, but after Ning Fang died, he was not allowed to collect his corpse.

He felt that it was his fault.

“Grandpa…” Ning Yue wanted to persuade him further, but was stopped by Old Master Ning.

“Yueyue, stop talking.

I want to be quiet.” Old Master Ning chased Ning Yue out without any explanation.

Ning Yue sighed.

She couldnt watch Old Master Ning continue like this.

She had to think of a way.

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