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233 Preparation

Ning Yue couldnt help but feel a lump in her throat.

She took out a handkerchief and handed it to Old Master Ning to wipe his tears.

After Old Master Ning took the box, Eagle took out another stack of letters from his bag.

“When Wu Chang was around, he kept saying that he wanted to write a letter to his good friend from his hometown.

At that time, I was puzzled.

He and I were brothers from the same mother.

I should know who his good friend was.

But now, it seems that the hometown he mentioned is not the hometown I know.

It should be the Ning Family Village.

The good friend he mentioned should be you, right”

Eagle handed the letters to Old Master Ning.

“Its just that because of our work and status, we cant send these letters out.

We can only save them one by one and send them out one day if we have the chance.”

Eagle didnt finish his sentence.

When he said that there would be a chance one day, he meant that after a person died, another friend or brother could send the letters out.

Very few Dragon Scale Secret Guards of Russia would become secret guards like the two brothers.

However, there was no doubt that Wu Chang was lucky to have met a friend like Old Master Ning, so he had so many things to leave for Old Master Ning.

“Theres something else that Wu Chang wanted to give you.

He told me that this thing has witnessed the friendship between the two of you.” As he spoke, Eagle took out a small wooden box from his backpack.

This small wooden box was smaller than the one Old Master Ning had taken out.

When Old Master Ning heard this, he took the small box with trembling hands.

He opened the small wooden box with trembling hands and found a small harmonica lying inside.

Tears welled up again at that moment.

Old Master Ning covered his face and cried.

boxn ovel.


Ning Yue felt very upset.

Seeing her grandfather cry like this, she could imagine how deep the relationship between Wu Chang and her grandfather was.

Ning Yue sighed.

“Grandpa, dont be like this.

Great Uncle Wu Chang asked his brother to bring something to you to make you happy.

If he knew that you would cry when you saw it, he definitely wouldnt have asked his brother to bring it over.”

Seeing this, Eagle couldnt help but persuade him.

“Thats right.

Are you going against the intentions of Wu Chang”

“He originally just wanted to leave something for you to remember.

If this memory makes you so sad, I might as well take it away,” Eagle said.

Hearing that Eagle wanted to take these things away, Old Master Ning was instantly afraid.

“No, no, no.

I wont cry anymore.

Im not sad.

Im not sad.”

Although she said that he was not sad, his tears still kept flowing, making Ning Yues heart ache.

“Grandpa, dont be sad.” Other than comforting Old Master Ning not to be sad, Ning Yue didnt know what to say.

“Grandpa is fine.

Grandpa is just happy,” Old Master Ning said as he brought the things Eagle had brought into the room and placed them carefully.

“Princess Mingyue, Ill go back first.

Ill come back here in half a month.” While Old Master Ning entered the room, Eagle took his leave.

Ning Yue nodded and did not say anything else.

No matter what, Eagle was from Russia.

Even if he was not a secret guard, it was time for him to go back.

Old Master Ning couldnt find Eagle when he came out.

He asked Ning Yue in surprise, “Why did that brother leave Why didnt he wait for me to come out”

“Grandpa, you should know Great Uncle Wu Changs identity.

A person like him comes and goes without a trace, so he went back first.” Ning Yue casually lied.

At this moment, Eagle should have gone to look for Yuan Hui.

She couldnt tell Old Master Ning her guess, right How sad would Old Master be How would he face Yuan Hui in the future

“Thats true.” Old Master Ning sighed.

Ever since Eagle came to their house, Old Master Ning had been in a bad mood.

He was in a low mood and was unwilling to talk to anyone else during dinner.

Even when the children asked him, he only nodded and shook his head.

This situation made Ning Yue very anxious.

She saw this and was anxious.

She kept thinking about what to do.

After thinking for the entire night, Ning Yue finally thought of a solution.

It seemed to be Old Master Nings birthday soon.

She wanted to use this opportunity to hold a birthday banquet for him.

This might improve Old Master Nings sad mood.

At the thought of this, Ning Yue was slightly relieved.

She would discuss it with Jiang Ying tomorrow morning.


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