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232 Crying

“I was planning to tell you.

I didnt expect you to call me over first,” Yuan Hui said.

Ning Yue was enlightened.

No wonder Yuan Hui had arrived in just three minutes after she instructed the servants.

“So thats what happened,” Ning Yue said.

“I didnt expect Eagle to come to Laifu Village so quickly.

I thought he would only come in a few days,” Yuan Hui said.

“So you plan to hand this jade pendant to Eagle” Ning Yue asked Yuan Hui.

Yuan Hui nodded and shook his head.

“Lets talk about this later.

Give the jade pendant to Eagle first.”

He made it so mysterious.

If she didnt know Yuan Hui, Ning Yue would have thought that he had a motive.

“Alright, Ill get someone to call Grandpa back now.

Do you want to leave first” Ning Yue asked Yuan Hui.

“Ill leave first.

After all, this is a private matter,” Yuan Hui said.

Ning Yue nodded and did not say anything else.

She got someone to call Old Master Ning back.

On the way, Old Master Ning was still puzzled.

Which lord of Russia did he know Why did he call him back in a hurry today

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Seeing that Old Master Ning did not say anything, Eagle went straight to the point and told him that he was here to take the relic of the Wu CHang.

Old Master Ning was silent at first, then sighed.

He had long guessed that this jade pendant would not last long in his hands.

It had been more than ten years since Wu Chang had passed away.

Every day, he wondered who would come to take the jade pendant.

He could tell that this jade pendant was very valuable.

If the Wu Chang had a family member, they would definitely come and ask.

He had thought of it long ago, but he still couldnt help but feel terrible.

Seeing Old Master Nings silence, Ning Yue felt very upset.

She asked Eagle, “Must you take this”

Eagle came back to his senses and glanced at Ning Yue.

His gaze seemed to be saying that he had to listen to the emperors orders.

“Yueyue, its okay.

This brother is a family member of Wu Chang.

If he comes to ask for the jade pendant, well give it to him.” As Old Master Ning spoke, he walked towards the room.

After Ning Yue picked up the jade pendant last time, Old Master Ning had put it away when he returned home.

No one could find where the jade pendant was.

Not long after Old Master Ning entered, he came out and handed the wooden box to Eagle.

“This is the only thing I have left of Brother Wu Chang,” Old Master Ning said.

Eagle took the wooden box and sighed with mixed feelings.

He opened the wooden box and saw a jade pendant lying quietly inside.

It was the dragon pattern jade pendant he was looking for.

He closed the box and asked Old Master Ning, “May I know where Wu Chang is buried Can you bring me there”

“Hes in the Ning Family Village.

Recently, were planning to move the graves in the Ning Family Village.

If youre willing, you can stay here for a few days.

The team that is moving the graves should arrive at their destination in half a month.

In half a month, you can set off with our family,” Old Master Ning said.

Ever since Ning Yues fief was handed over, Old Master Ning had begun to prepare for the relocation of the grave.

The matter of relocating the grave was important.

He found someone to check the time before confirming the relocation.

After confirming the time, it was time to move it.

He followed the time strictly.

There were strict requirements for when to leave and when to stop on the way.

That was why the journey took so long.

Eagle nodded.

“I still have something on.

I cant stay here for so long, but Ill definitely be here on time in half a month.”

Old Master Ning nodded and smiled.

Although Wu Chang also had sons, it was different from having brothers by their side.

If Eagle could come, it would indeed be a great comfort to Wu Chang.

Eagle looked at Ning Yue and then at Old Master Ning.

He took out a large wooden box from his bag.

“To be honest, this jade pendant is very important.

I have to take it away, but in exchange, I can give you the other things from Wu Chang,” Eagle said.

He looked reluctant as he said this.

He touched the wooden box again and again.

It was obvious that Eagle treasured it.

What did it mean for him to take it out for Old Master Ning at this time

“Is this a relic of Wu Chang” After Old Master Ning asked this question, tears streamed down his face.

Old Master Ning, an old man in his seventies or eighties, was crying like a child.

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