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A Piece of Bacon

Ning Yues words touched everyone.

Old Madam Ning didnt insist anymore.

She nodded and said, “My Yueyue is a blessed child.

We all thank you.”

Ning Yue scratched her head in embarrassment and laughed.

She would definitely be everyones lucky star.

She would save more people.

At this moment, a sobbing voice sounded.

An old woman walked over with a seven or eight-year-old child.

As soon as she came over, she sat on the ground and cried, “Third Brother, I really have no choice.

If this continues, my Xiao Yu will die of thirst! We dont have any water at all, wuwuwu…”

This old woman was the wife of one of Old Master Nings cousins, Madam Liu.

Old Master Nings cousin had a good relationship with him when he was alive, but he died of an illness when he was young.

Before he died, he begged Old Master Ning to help the Liu family.

This care lasted decades.

Now, Lius grandson, Xiao Yu, was already eight years old.

Her son and daughter-in-law were still around, but they were lazy by nature.

Before the drought, they would go to Old Master Ning from time to time to borrow money and food.

Now she was here to borrow water.

Old Master Ning knew that his family was almost out of water.

How could he have water for the current Old Madam Liu

“Sister-in-law, my family doesnt have much water left…” Old Madam Ning said.

She knew that her man was soft-hearted and cared about brotherhood.

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Liu immediately beat her chest and stomped her feet.

She cried miserably and did not forget to pull Xiao Yu over.

“My grandson, what should we do If your grandfather finds out that youre about to die of thirst, he wont be able to rest in peace in heaven!”

This made Old Master Nings expression change.

After a while, he brought over a water bag and poured a bowl for Old Madam Liu.

“This water is for tomorrows cooking.

Its the last bit.

We dont know how to get through tomorrow.”

Old Madam Liu stood up with the water and said with a smile, “Thank you, Third Brother.

Sigh, if it werent for the fact that I really had no choice, I wouldnt have troubled you!”

With that, she left with her grandson.

Madam Qi could not help but feel indignant.

“She likes to come to our house to take advantage of us.

Which family doesnt have a way Shes treating our house as a warehouse! How shameless!”

Old Master Ning glanced at Madam Qi.

Although her words were unpleasant, they were the truth.

Everyone ate the porridge in silence.

After a few mouthfuls of dried food, they each found a few clothes and a suitable patch of ground to lay them on to prepare for bed.

At this moment, Ning Tian walked over.

She glanced at Ning Yue and her family who were preparing to rest.

With a smile on his face, she squatted down beside her and handed a small piece of cured meat to Ning Yue.

“Yueyue, we gave the water and food you gave us to a few families who didnt have any food.

Do you still have any left I still have some left.

Ill bring it over to you.”

Ning Yue held the small piece of cured meat in her hand.

It felt oily.

She could imagine the salty fragrance and firm texture.

This small piece of cured meat was very precious, but Ning Tian had brought it to her.

She knew that the chiefs family were also grateful people.

“I ate at home.

Thats enough.

Thank you, Uncle Tian.” Ning Yue nodded.

“Alright, its good that youve eaten.

Go to sleep.” Ning Tian didnt say anything else and got up to go back.

Madam He leaned over and could already smell the bacon.

It was delicious to eat something like this.

However, Ning Yue did not take it out and eat it now.

She would put it in the porridge tomorrow morning so that everyone could eat some.

Moreover, she could secretly take some from the space and mix it in.

The night was rather cool.

Ning Yue slept well and woke up early the next morning.

She volunteered to cook the porridge.

The others went to look for supplies while coaxing the children.

No one paid much attention to Ning Yue.

Ning Yue took water from the space and poured it into the pot.

She added rice and cooked it thicker.

She cut up the cured meat that Ning Tian had brought yesterday and the cured meat that she had taken out from the space.

She mixed them into the porridge to cook.

A fragrance wafted out, and everyone could not help but gulp.

After cooking the porridge, Ning Yue scooped a bowl for everyone.

As soon as the porridge was in her hands, everyone realized that the porridge was much thicker today.

There were grains of white rice mixed together, and there was also minced bacon!!

Everyone was pleasantly surprised, but they did not ask Ning Yue because Ning Tian had gone to look for her last night and given her something.

Everyone had seen it.

It might be the cured meat and rice that Ning Tian had given her, although they did not know where he had gotten it from.

Ning Yue took a larger bowl and filled it to the brim.

She covered it with a cloth and went to Ning Bais place.

“Chief, have some.” Ning Yue handed the bowl to Ning Bai.

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