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227 Attack

Ning Yue was shocked.

She listened carefully and heard the sound of swords clashing.

Fortunately, the two children were asleep.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome for her to take care of them.

She thought for a moment and used a few blankets as a cover on the bed, hiding the children inside.

These blankets were prepared to prevent children from being woken up by the sounds of fighting and falling off the bed.

They could not stop those bad people.

Hiding the children, Ning Yue quietly opened the door and took a look.

Almost ten men in black were fighting her guards.

If Jiang Ying hadnt sent ten secret guards over because he was worried about her and the two children, they would have been in danger.

At this moment, Ning Chen also heard the sound and came out.

Ning Chen walked out like a demon with the large saber he used on the battlefield.

When the men in black saw him, they looked at each other and immediately assigned a few people to him.

Now, Ning Yue understood that these men in black were here for Ning Chen!

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Ning Yue took a deep breath and took three electric batons from her space.

If she took too many at once, it would cause a misunderstanding.

Coincidentally, Liu Xuan and Erlang had also come out.

Ning Yue threw two of them at them and whispered to explain how to use them.

A spark of excitement flashed across their eyes.

After they participated in the martial arts examination, there was no actual combat to increase their experience.

At this moment, with weapons and bad people, they were more than excited.

The two of them rushed towards the men in black as if they were on steroids.

They poked them with the electric baton and released the electricity.

With a few hits, the men in black fell to the ground.

Seeing this, the remaining men in black also knew how powerful the black rods in Erlang and Liu Xuans hands were.

They gave them a look and dispersed.

Someone saw Ning Yue standing at the side alone to watch the battle and had designs on her.

However, Ning Yue was not the one who was bullied.

The two men in black who rushed over were dealt with by Ning Yue in a few moves.

It was a situation of equal manpower.

Ning Yues side was strong and quickly defeated the men in black.

Originally, Ning Yue wanted to leave a few alive, but before she could ask the guards to kidnap them, a few living men in black bit through the poison sac hidden in their teeth and committed suicide.

“These people are all sacrificial soldiers!” Ning Chens expression was very bad because this group of people was coming for him!

If not for the fact that there were guards at home and Ning Yue had a powerful weapon, he would definitely not be able to withstand it alone and would even implicate the Ning family!

The Empress Dowager, the Princess Consort, and the Emperor of Russia were all living in the Ning family.

If anything happened to them, he would be a sinner for all eternity.

At this moment, Yuan Hui had already woken up.

Baili was worried about him and had already rushed into his room to protect him.

“Emperor, you said that you wouldnt let me bring the secret guards over because you respected Ning Yue, but in the current situation, we have no choice!”

Tonights matter was indeed dangerous.

Previously, he had not brought them because he was worried that Ning Yue would not like it.

However, now that the Ning family was being targeted, they might encounter danger.

It was necessary to call that secret guards over.

After thinking it through, Yuan Hui nodded in agreement.

“Sure, but you have to pay attention.

You cant make Yueyue feel uncomfortable.”

Baili was speechless.

Was Ning Yue more important than Yuan Huis life

However, he was not stupid enough to argue with Yuan Hui at this time.

It was already good enough that Yuan Hui had agreed to gather the secret guards here.

Jiang Ying had also received the news and rushed over.

The first thing he did was check if Ning Yue was injured.

Seeing that Ning Yue was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yueyue, its fine if you dont accept a few more guards.

I want to add five more secret guards!” Jiang Ying asked Ah Da to transfer five powerful secret guards over without any explanation.

Ning Yue sighed.

Initially, she had wanted to send the guards sent by Jiang Ying back.

Looking at the situation, she could forget about it.

After this matter, the Ning family could not sleep anymore.

Old Master Ning called the Ning family for an emergency meeting.

“Can anyone tell me what happened tonight” Old Master Ning looked at everyone present critically.

The eldest son, third son, and Ning Guang were the most confused.

“Father, this is my fault.

I implicated you,” Ning Chen said.

Old Master Ning snorted.

His expression was very ugly.

“Did I mean the problem of implication Did I say that you implicated us”


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