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226 Restraint

The three of them arrived at the dining room.

Ning Chen smiled from the bottom of his heart when he saw the table filled with delicious food and his family sitting around the table, chatting and laughing.

“It feels good to be with my family,” Ning Chen said with emotion.

God knew how much he had missed his family during the years he had been at the border.

Now that he was finally back, he had to talk to them properly.

“Thats right.

Its good to be with family,” Old Master Ning said.

The Empress Dowager, Xin Xin, and Yuan Hui sat down together.

At first, Ning Chen did not notice that the three Buddhas were also present and sat down casually.

Just as he was about to pick up his chopsticks, he saw the three of them and immediately stood up in fear.

“Greetings, Empress Dowager and Princess Consort.

Greetings, Emperor of Russia.” Ning Chen bowed.

The Empress Dowager waved her hand impatiently.

“Alright, alright.

Its just a meal.

Why do you have so many things to say”

He was about to say something when Yuan Hui interrupted him.

“Sit down and eat!”

He was greeted during a meal.

Could he eat properly If not for the fact that this silly man was Ning Yues second uncle, he would have definitely left.

“Lets talk about the happy things.” Ning Yue tried to smooth things over.

“Grandpa, although Second Brother didnt become the top scholar in the capital this time, he still made it in the rankings.

This is something to be happy about!”

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“Thats right, Erlang.

Youve grown up.

You know what path you have to take.

Grandpa is happy for you!” As he spoke, Old Master Ning raised his wine glass.

“Come, lets toast Erlang and Liu Xuan!” Old Master Ning said.

Everyone raised their glasses to celebrate Erlang and Liu Xuan.

“By the way, Cousin, youre also in high school this time.

Did you inform Aunt” Ning Yue asked Liu Xuan when she put down her wine glass.


I wanted to go back to my hometown, but its a long way there.

I dont have enough vacation time, so I just sent a letter to inform them.”

Liu Xuans heart ached.

In the end, it was because he was not capable enough that he could not bring his mother over.

“Your concerns make sense.” Ning Yue sighed heavily.

If the Liu family could be here at this time, her cousin would definitely be very happy.

Seeing this, Jiang Ying silently remembered this.

Ning Chen finished his dinner in a daze.

Originally, he had a lot to say to Old Master Ning, but the Empress Dowager, Princess Consort Jin, and the Emperor of Russia were all here.

He did not know how to say it, so he could only find an opportunity to say something else.

“Whats wrong with you tonight I feel that youre very restrained.” Qin Shi asked Ning Chen.

“How can I not be restrained The Empress Dowager is here, my immediate superiors wife is here, and even the Emperor of Russia is here.

How can I not be restrained”

“Oh, dont worry.

Theyre all easy to get along with.

Youll know after staying for a few more days.

If you keep being so restrained, itll make them unhappy.”

Ning Chen did not say anything.

He just wanted to not provoke these big shots.

However, he was very curious.

Why were these three Buddhas gathered here

Ning Chen thought about it and could not think of a reason, so he could not help but ask Qin Shi.

“Originally, the Empress Dowager and the Princess Consort lived on the east side of the village.

Jiang Ying had a house there.

Later, the two of them felt that our house was more lively, so they came over to join us.

In any case, its just two more sets of cutlery and two more rooms.”

Thats easy for you to say! Ning Chen complained in his heart.

These two people had noble statuses and it was inconvenient for them to stay here.

Why did they take them in

“What about the Emperor of Russia” Ning Chen asked.

“Hes Yueyues friend.

Yueyue brought them back.

Oh, right, theres someone called Baili.”

Baili Hearing this name, Ning Chens eyes widened.

Wasnt this the Dragon Scale Secret Guard exclusive to the Emperor of Russia

“I dont care what you do.

Theres one thing you have to be careful of.

Dont say anything wrong!” Ning Chen said.

“I know.

Are we that stupid” Stupid to say the wrong thing in front of these three people

“Alright, if you dont sleep, I still want to sleep.

If you still want to talk, go out and talk to someone else.

Im tired.” With that, Qin Shi covered her head and fell asleep.

The first half of the night was considered peaceful.

After Ning Yue coaxed the two children to sleep, she entered the space to draw ancient well water.

The ancient well water she had placed outside was almost finished.

She had to take some out.

After Ning Yue was done with everything, she left the space.

She did not expect to hear a commotion outside.

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