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210 Opposite

After taking a few steps, Yuan Hui turned around.

“No, I have to prepare well.

I have to bring a gift over.”

“No, no, no! Emperor, isnt it too abrupt for you to visit like this Dont be treated as a bad person.” Baili stopped Yuan Hui.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Look, Ive lost my mind.

Lets go empty-handed,” Yuan Hui said with a smile.

At this moment, Ning Yue should still be in the field.

He could go to the field and talk to her.

When he arrived at the place Baili had mentioned, Ning Yue was no longer around.

Yuan Hui was very disappointed.

Just as he was thinking about how to go to their house without arousing their disgust, Ning Yue appeared.

“Emperor, this is the one,” Baili said, pointing at Ning Yue.

Ning Yue heard Bailis excited voice from afar and looked over.

She saw an extraordinary man standing beside Baili.

The two of them were looking at her and talking, but because they were too far away, she didnt hear the details.

She walked over and greeted Baili.

“Uncle Baili.”

“Good children, this is my boss.

Ill introduce you two.” Baili pointed at Yuan Hui and told Ning Yue excitedly.

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Boss Ning Yue frowned.

Bailis identity was not simple to begin with.

He had even brought his boss over, which meant that his identity was even more complicated.

Although she was puzzled, out of courtesy, Ning Yue still greeted Yuan Hui.


“Hello, Miss.

My name is Yuan Hui,” he said to Ning Yue.

Yuan Hui Ning Yues face was expressionless, but she was very surprised.

This name was exactly the same as the professor she had saved in her previous life!

“Hello, Mr.

Yuan,” Ning Yue greeted politely.

“I, I…” Originally, there were many secrets in his heart that he wanted to get out right, but when he really stood in front of her, Yuan Hui stuttered.

“Whats wrong, Mr.

Yuan Do you have any difficulties that you want me to help you with” Ning Yue asked.

“I…” Yuan Hui took a long time to gather his courage.

Before asking a question, Yuan Hui sent Baili away.

Although Baili was worried about Yuan Huis safety, he still took ten steps away because of Yuan Huis orders.

After Baili left, Yuan Hui finally said what he wanted to say.

“I want to ask you something.

Barley wine was originally brewed in China, and potatoes were only introduced in the next 3rd century.

Where did you find out about them”

Hearing Yuan Huis words, Ning Yues heart was in turmoil.

“I dont know what youre talking about,” Ning Yue said.

“No, you must know how to make ice without a refrigerator.

How did you learn the method” He had almost told Ning Yue his identity.

Ning Yue was silent.

She was still wondering why Baili had suddenly come over.

So it was for his boss.

His boss knew about the refrigerator, about making ice, and about barley wine and potatoes.

He was a transmigrator.

“Looks like were from the same hometown,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

Fortunately, she had just sent the Empress Dowager and Xin Xin back.

Otherwise, she wouldnt know how to explain their conversation.

“My name is Yuan Hui.

I used to be a scientist.

A special soldier came to save me.

I implicated her.

After I died, I asked the Lord of Hell to come to this girls side to repay her kindness.”

Hearing Yuan Huis words, Ning Yues eyes instantly filled with tears.

She looked at Yuan Hui in shock.

“Professor Yuan, dont worry.

Ill definitely complete the mission and save you.” Ning Yue spoke about her conversation with Yuan Hui in her previous life.

With that, Ning Yue bowed deeply to Yuan Hui.

“Im sorry.

I didnt complete the mission.”

“Dont apologize to me.

I should be the one talking to you.

I implicated you.

If I hadnt insisted on coming out back then, this wouldnt have happened.”

“Now that Im the emperor of Russia, I think this identity can protect you,” Yuan Hui said with a smile.

Ning Yues heart warmed.

She did not expect to see her fellow countryman in another world.

This fellow countryman was a scientist she had risked her life to protect in her previous life.

She had always blamed herself for not completing the mission the organization had given her.

However, now that he had come here to tell her that he would protect her well, she was extremely touched.


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