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208 Surname

Ning Yue paused for a moment before continuing, “After I placed the crushed peanut shells in the back garden for a few days, the soil in the back garden became fertile.”

“Thats how I discovered the secret of the peanut shell,” Ning Yue told Baili with a smile.

Baili nodded in realization.

“So this is your secret weapon.

Arent you afraid that Ill spread the news”

Ning Yue smiled.

Her secret weapon was not peanut shells, so she was not worried that word would spread that peanut shells could be used as fertilizer.

“Whats the harm in telling others A bumper harvest is every farmers wish.

If this little favor of mine can help everyone, Ill be very happy.”

When Baili heard this, he couldnt help but praise Ning Yue in his heart.

Such a beautiful and kind girl might be someone their emperor wanted to find.

“By the way, Miss, whats this I dont think Ive ever seen this seedling before.” Baili pointed at the potatoes in the ground.

Ning Yue squatted down and gently stroked the potato seedlings with her fingers.

“Of course you havent seen them.

These are the seeds my master brought back from overseas.”

If only Baili was here, Ning Yue could not be bothered to explain.

However, the Empress Dowager and Xin Xin were both here now.

They were also waiting for her answer.

If she did not explain, there might be trouble in the future.

“I see.

Whats the name of this crop” Baili asked.

“Youre not a local, are you” Ning Yue asked Baili.

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Although potatoes had not been imported in this era, Jiang Ying was vigorously developing the potato planting project, so the villagers of Laifu Village should know about potatoes.

If there was anything they did not know, there was only one explanation—the other party was not from Laifu Village!

“Miss, you have a good eye.

Im old and have to retire, but Im used to being busy.

If Im suddenly free, Ill feel uncomfortable all over.

I thought of coming to the village to find a piece of land to plant things.”

“Isnt that so I just arrived and heard you talking about crops here.

I was curious and came over to ask.”

Ning Yue frowned slightly.

Jiang Ying lived in Laifu Village.

He had ordered that it was up to him to decide if the land in Laifu Village would be sold or accommodate the refugees.

He would not agree to ordinary land transactions.

However, this persons words made sense.

He had just settled down in Laifu Town, so he naturally did not know the rules of Laifu Village.

“Uncle, if you want to find land to plant crops, you can go to another village to take a look.

Almost all the land here has been planted by the villagers.”

Ning Yue reminded Baili tactfully.

Baili quickly bowed to Ning Yue.

“Thank you so much, Miss.

Otherwise, I would have made a wasted trip today.”

“Miss, can you tell me what crop this is or can you give me some seeds” Baili asked Ning Yue.

Ning Yue thought for a moment and pretended to take out a small bag of seeds from her pocket.

In fact, she took out a small bag of seeds and handed it to Baili.

“Coincidentally, I still have this left.

Ill give it to you.”

“I wonder how much this bag of seeds costs, Miss Ill pay.” As he spoke, Baili was about to take out silver.

“No need, no need.

Its just a small bag of seeds.

Its not worth much.” Ning Yue quickly refused.

“Miss, youre really a kind child.

Then Ill thank you here.

I live at 8 Moon Street in Laifu Town.

If you need anything, you can look for me.

My name is Baili,” Baili said.

At first, Baili felt that this girl was the person their emperor was looking for, so he was very polite.

However, after interacting with her, he realized that Ning Yue was a very kind child.

Whether Ning Yue was the person the emperor was looking for or not, he wanted to be her friend.

After all, more friends meant more life opportunities.

“Alright, then Ill thank you here first.”

The people living on Moon Street in Laifu Town were either rich or noble.

The identity of the person in front of her might be very extraordinary.

No matter why he appeared here, she had to deal with him seriously.

After all, this was Jiang Yings headquarters.

Jiang Ying was still the current crown princes right-hand man.

If he was not careful and let bad people in, Jiang Ying would be in danger.

When Xin Xin heard Bailis name, she frowned hard.

Ning Yue noticed Xin Xins abnormality.

After Baili left, she asked Xin Xin, “Auntie, is there a problem with this persons name”

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