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200 Investigation

Originally, the two of them had planned to ride horses so that they could travel faster.

However, Ning Yue wanted to discuss the plan with Jiang Ying in the carriage.

In the end, the two of them decided to pull a carriage forward with two horses.

They thought that if the negotiations failed, two horses could still escape.

As long as they left this valley, they would not have to worry about anything else.

After about half an hour, the two of them finally arrived at their destination.

Ning Yue looked at the dark valley with a grave expression and sighed heavily.

If it was during the day, their vision would be slightly better, but it would increase the risk.

Although it would be a little difficult to see at night, it would avoid a lot of danger.

“Jiang Ying, were not in a hurry to enter.

Send someone to check on the situation first,” Ning Yue said.

They had already arrived at the enemys base camp.

They had to be careful.

Jiang Ying nodded and sent Ah Da in to take a look.

He instructed Ah Da to be careful and not alert the enemy.

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After Ah Da left, Ning Yue found an excuse and walked to the side.

She found a more secluded spot and took out a drone with a camera.

Taking advantage of the night, Ning Yues drone entered the valley.

After checking and confirming that there was no ambush on both sides of the valley, Ning Yue heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she controlled the drone to fly into the valley and investigate the situation of the private soldiers.

Although Jiang Ying asked Ah Da to investigate the situation, it was not convenient for him to go too deep.

The only thing that could investigate the situation was the drone.

After checking for a while, Ning Yue realized that this group of private soldiers was not as good as she had imagined.

They were wearing tattered linen clothes.

There was not a single house in the valley.

There were all tents.

Some soldiers slept directly outside the tents.

A fire was lit outside each tent.

In the deep mountains, these bonfires looked especially terrifying.

Ning Yue immediately thought of the reason.

According to Meng Hangs salary, he definitely could not afford to support an army of 100,000.

If he reduced the supplies of the army, it would naturally not be as good as they imagined.

If they really went over to negotiate, the chances of success would be very high.

Ning Yue heaved a sigh of relief.

After putting away the drone, she walked to Jiang Yings side.

She said to Jiang Ying calmly, “Does Meng Hang have that much money to nurture these soldiers”

When Jiang Ying heard this, his frown instantly spread.

Thats right.

Why hadnt he thought of this

Although he had discovered the pillars made of gold when he raided Meng Hangs house…

If those golden pillars were all used to nurture these soldiers, the rations they could buy would definitely only last for a month.

Just look at his father asking him for money all day.

How could it be so easy to raise troops

Soon, Ah Da returned and told Jiang Ying about the situation in the valley.

The smile on Jiang Yings face widened.

Good, good.

Their success in entering this time would be very high.

At the thought of this, Jiang Ying relaxed a lot, but he was still tense.

No matter what, with Ning Yue by his side, he had to be careful.

The two of them carefully walked into the valley.

With the drones detection, Ning Yue knew the situation in the valley very well.

The two of them arrived at the place where 100,000 troops were stationed.

There were many tents, most of them white and thin.

The tent in the middle was the most luxurious and wide.

Jiang Ying immediately locked onto his target.

He glanced at Ning Yue, who nodded slightly.

The two of them moved forward at the same time in tacit understanding.

Perhaps Meng Hang was too confident, or perhaps others did not dare to enter this valley.

There were no obstacles around the tent, so the two of them arrived at the middle tent smoothly.

As soon as she approached, Ning Yue heard playful laughter inside.

It was the voice of a woman and a man.

Obviously, Jiang Ying had heard it too.

His expression darkened.

He gestured to Ah Da, who understood and went straight in.

When these people werent paying attention, he knocked them out.

Jiang Ying and Ning Yue walked in.

When the two of them walked in, the soldiers patrolling outside happened to patrol outside the main tent.

Hearing the commotion outside, Ning Yue sighed to herself.

She didnt know if they were lucky or if the people in the main tent were too lewd.

Usually, there would be people guarding outside the main tent.

In order to have fun, this leader did not arrange for anyone to guard outside.

They could easily walk in, making Ning Yue speechless.

With such a leader, were these troops worth Jiang Yings recruitment

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