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The Magic of Sugar

It wasnt just Ning Shilang.

The others couldnt hold on any longer, especially when they suddenly saw this sea of corpses.

It was as if this was what would happen to them in the future.

It was very easy for them to feel negative.

However, crying here was not a good thing.

Crying would make them breathe in a lot of air and make it easier to catch the virus.

Seeing that Madam He could not coax Ning Shilang, the others slowed down as well.

Ning Yue was a little anxious.

She took two steps forward and pulled Ning Shilang aside.

She held a milk candy in her hand and stuffed it into his mouth.

It looked like she was covering his mouth to stop him from crying.

No one knew she fed him candy.

“Silang, dont cry.

Lets go quickly.

Theres candy after this!” Ning Yue coaxed.

Ning Shilang felt a sweet candy melt in his mouth.

He was surprised and happy, but when he saw Ning Yue give him a look, he immediately understood.

Although he was young, he was smart.

He pretended to nod aggrievedly and let Ning Yue lead him.

When Madam He saw this, she quickly took Xiaobao and Xiaobei and carried them herself to relieve Ning Yues burden.

The team picked up speed again.

After a while, they finally passed through the mass grave.

It was also because of the drought that the death toll had increased so much that the mass grave had expanded.

After the mass grave, everyone was visibly relieved, but they also became listless again.

Ning Yue saw this and was anxious.

“Grandpa!” She came to Old Master Nings side.

The moment Old Master Ning opened his mouth, Ning Yue stuffed a black sesame sugar slice into his mouth.

This sugar was a Chinese medicinal ingredient.

It was sweet and could nourish the spleen and stomach.

Old Master Ning was shocked.

Just as he was about to ask what it was, Ning Yue quickly made a shushing gesture.

“Grandpa, everyone can eat the candy I secretly hid, but you have to eat it sparingly.”

How many treasures was this girl hiding

Old Master Ning felt a strong fragrance of black sesame and sugar erupt from the tip of his tongue and mouth.

In an instant, his fatigue dissipated a lot.

In this period, not to mention sugar, even having one more bite of dry biscuit was a luxury.

Old Madam Ning was also curious.

Without a word, Ning Yue also stuffed a black sesame candy into her mouth.

She had heard Ning Yues words just now, so she didnt ask her where the candy came from.

She just felt much better.

Eating sugar could quickly replenish ones physical fitness, and it would make one feel happy.

Ning Yue gave each elder a black sesame-sugar slice, and the children had fragrant milk candy.

After Ning Guang ate the candy, he jumped up happily and quickened his pace with the electric baton and knife, looking like he wanted to protect everyone.

“Sister, where did you get the candy” Ning Shilang asked quietly, fascinated by the taste of the milk candy.

“Someone gave it to me.

Dont tell anyone else.

Otherwise, you wont have anything to eat.” Ning Shilang nodded vigorously.

He was very happy to hear that there would be food in the future.

After eating the candy, everyones mood and strength recovered a lot.

There were sounds of conversation in the team, and the children started chasing and fighting one another.

Only Ning Dalang, who was slightly older, was more composed.

“Fifth Sister, come and catch me!” Ning Shilang went to provoke Ning Wumei.

Ning Wumei chased after Ning Shilang angrily.

The two of them argued, giving life to the dull group.

Ning Jiulang said to his brother, “Brother, look at my brother.

Hes really a troublemaker!”

“Go play with them for a while too.

Dont be so stuffy,” Ning Balang said with a smile.

He knew that Ning Jiulang also wanted to play with his younger brother and the others, but he was a little more introverted.

He was only eight years old, but he liked to pretend to be a little adult.

Ning Jiulang shook his head and put on a mature appearance.

“Thats what children like to play with.

Im not going.”

“But Fifth Sister is older than you!” Ning Balang teased.

Ning Jiulang blushed.

“Shes a girl.

Shes more lively.

We boys have to be more mature!”

Ning Yue listened to her brothers confused speech and felt that it was really cute and funny.

How did he understand the character of men and women at such a young age

“Only children eat candy.

Are you going to eat candy next time” Ning Yue asked deliberately.

Speaking of sugar, that was another matter.

Ning Jiulang quickly replied, “I want to eat it.

Father and Mother are already so old, but they still eat sugar.

Im still young, so I can eat it!”

Seeing how excited he was, Ning Yue laughed.

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