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199 Plan

“Do you know that were facing 100,000 troops A warhorse might trample us to death,” Jiang Ying said.

He did not want Ning Yue to take the risk with him.

If anything happened, he would regret it for the rest of his life!

“Its precisely because of this that I cant let you go alone!” Ning Yue said firmly.

It was impossible for her to watch Jiang Ying enter danger alone.

All she could do was stay by his side and face all the difficulties with him.

Seeing Ning Yues attitude, Jiang Ying sighed and said, “I dont want you to be in danger.”

“Then do you think I can watch you take the risk” Ning Yue asked.

Jiang Ying suddenly did not know what to say.

He thought for a long time and finally nodded.

He knew that even if he forced Ning Yue to stay, she would secretly run away herself.

What if Ning Yue encountered danger She might as well be placed under his watch.

“When do you plan to go” Ning Yue asked.

Jiang Ying thought for a moment and replied, “Its already too late.

Well go tomorrow morning.”

Originally, Jiang Ying had planned to go over alone at night, because those soldiers would definitely rest at night.

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Even if someone took turns on duty and might not be able to gather immediately if anything happened, he would have many more opportunities to escape.

But if he brought Ning Yue along now, he had to consider her.

He did not know what would happen if he brought Ning Yue to the chaos at night.

“Jiang Ying, I think its just right to go now.

You should know very well that those troops are all private soldiers.

They definitely wont dare to train at night.”

Training at night was too noisy.

If they alarmed the people outside, they would be exposed.

Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yue with a complicated expression.

He did not want Ning Yue to be hurt.

When Ning Yue saw Jiang Yings expression, she knew that he was worried about her.

“Dont worry, I wont do anything rash.

Give me half an hour.

Ill go and get ready before going with you.

Dont plan to leave me alone during this period.”

Ning Yues warning made Jiang Ying laugh out loud.

“Alright, alright.

I promise Ill definitely go with you,” Jiang Ying said.

Only then did Ning Yue leave in satisfaction.

She returned to her room and prepared two backpacks.

They were not big and were very convenient to carry.

She took two military shovels from her space and two electric batons.

She also took out a lot of the poisonous powder that Gu Yu had given her.

The other party had an army of 100,000.

This poisonous powder might not be enough.

Ning Yue sighed.

In any case, she had taken out everything she had.

Staying alive was the most important thing.

While Ning Yue was preparing things, Jiang Ying did not stay idle.

He ordered the secret guards to appear and protect her.

He had to arrange everything.

He could not let anything happen to Ning Yue there.

The two of them prepared for half an hour.

Half an hour later, Ning Yue walked out with two backpacks.

She handed one of the bags to Jiang Ying.

“Jiang Ying, the things here include long rods and military shovels.

Ill teach you how to use them.”

As she spoke, Ning Yue began to teach Jiang Ying to use these two things.

Hearing Ning Yues introduction of these two things, Jiang Yings eyes were filled with shock.

“Ning Yue, where did these things come from” Jiang Ying asked.

There was a switch on this black rod.

If one pressed it and hit someone, they would faint.

If they interacted with it for too long, they would even die.

If he could produce more of this thing, there might be greater benefits in future battles.

“My master gave me these things.

The things in the Miracle Doctors Valley are more special,” Ning Yue said.

In any case, Gu Yu was not here.

She could say whatever she wanted.

“So Divine Physician Gu gave it to you,” Jiang Ying said.

“By the way, Jiang Ying, show me a topographic map first,” Ning Yue said.

She was thinking about finding a hidden spot to release the drone when she arrived.

She would check the situation inside first before making plans.

“Look at my brain.

I actually forgot,” Jiang Ying said as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket.

There was a map drawn on the paper.

This map was where Meng Hangs private soldiers were.

“Yueyue, do you think this place is suitable for an ambush” Jiang Ying pointed at a direction on the map.

Ning Yue looked in the direction he was pointing.

This was a path to the valley.

There was high ground on both sides.

It was indeed easy to ambush them.

“We can consider this on the way.

Tell me, is there a way out” If there were 100,000 private soldiers, it might not be easy to recover.

“No, theres a cliff behind them.

If they want to retreat, they can only jump down,” Jiang Ying said.

Ning Yue nodded.

She did see a mountain behind her, but she thought that the map was unfinished, so she asked.

The two of them chatted for a while before leaving in the carriage.

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