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197 Serious

Meng Lang was instantly defeated.

He gave her a smile that was uglier than crying.

“Ill think about it.

Ill definitely think about it.”

However, after thinking for a long time, he could not think of anywhere else to place the evidence.

“Im sorry, Lord Heir.

I tried my best,” he said bitterly.

“Ive thought of a total of five places.”

Five Ning Yue frowned.

Including the pillars at the door, the stove, the toilet, and the rockery, there were only four in total.

Why were there five

“Then there should be another place.

Think about it carefully,” Ning Yue said.

Meng Lang stretched out his fingers and counted them one by one.

“Toilet, rockery, stove, pillars…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he fell silent.

Yes, it had only been four directions.

Where was the other one

He thought for a long time and couldnt think of anything else.

“Think quickly!” Jiang Ying was not as patient as Ning Yue.

He berated Meng Lang impatiently.

Frightened, Meng Lang immediately said, “His bookshelf!”

With that, he paused and quickly said, “Yes, yes, yes, and the bookshelves!”

boxn ovel.


A bookshelf Ning Yue frowned even more.

She had seen what was on the bookshelf and there was nothing wrong with it.

Why did Meng Lang say that it was a bookshelf

Although Meng Lang was unreasonable, he was still a person who could read peoples expressions.

He knew that Ning Yue didnt believe him.

He said, “I cant explain it clearly.

How about this Lets go take a look together.”

With that, he strode ahead and headed straight for the study.

The study door was open.

After stepping in, he went straight to the far corner.

The bookshelf in the corner was the smallest.

Compared to the other bookshelves in the study, it was quite compatible.

The corner was not big and could only accommodate bookshelves of this size.

Meng Lang pointed at the bookshelf and said to Jiang Ying and Ning Yue, “This bookshelf is made of a special material.

Dismantle it.

Theres something inside.”

When Jiang Ying heard this, he immediately instructed the guards to come in and take action.

Soon, he found another stack of evidence.

This was enough!

Jiang Ying was overjoyed and brought the three commoners representatives to the hall to get evidence against Meng Hang.

The more Jiang Ying looked at this evidence, the more shocked he was.

Meng Hangs evidence was surprising and shocking.

Killing his entire family was a light punishment.

When the three commoners representatives saw the evidence, they were also so frightened that their faces turned pale.

Would they die together if they saw the evidence

“Everyone, these things are very important.

Remember not to leak any information.

Otherwise, if I cant catch those criminals related to him, you have to be careful.”

Jiang Ying said to the three representatives of the commoners.

The three of them hurriedly nodded.

They regretted it.

Why did they come to see the evidence of this sinner

If anyone leaked anything, they would be dead.

“Wheres that person” A commoner representative pointed at Meng Lang.

Meng Lang didnt know that he was being remembered.

He was eating when he saw the person pointing at him.

He smiled at the person.

“When we were looking at these things, he was eating at the side and didnt go forward to look, so he didnt see them.”

In other words, no matter how he walked, Jiang Ying had to count on these three people.

“You were the ones who said that you wanted to participate in this crime investigation.

You have to bear this responsibility.

You have to guarantee that none of this information will be leaked!”

Looking at Jiang Yings cold aura, the three of them immediately revealed smiles that were uglier than crying.

“Lord Heir, dont worry.

The three of us will definitely not reveal it.

What if its really not the Lord Heir that the three of us are talking about”

Jiang Ying sneered.

“Im the one talking to you now, Prince Jin.

Beside me is my future heiress, and shes also Princess Mingyue, conferred by the emperor.

The two of us will punish the criminals.

Before the case is closed, we definitely wont reveal a word or two of the criminals evidence.”

“So if word gets out, it must be the three of you.

As long as anything happens, Ill definitely punish all of you!”

Hearing Jiang Yings words, the three of them immediately panicked.

They wanted to go back and talk to their families, but when they heard Jiang Yings words, they were also worried that their families would tell others.

All these years, every family had one or two mouthy people.

If word got out that something had happened, they would be dead.

“Yes, yes, yes.

The Lord Heir is right.

The three of us will definitely keep it a secret!”

“If this matter gets out, not only will you be thrown into jail, but those who hear what you say will also be implicated by you! If you leak the secrets of the Imperial Court, you will be beheaded.”


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