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193 Scheme

“I know the two of you have doubts.

He and I are half-brothers.

He killed my father! At that time, I wanted to ask him for an explanation, but he…”

At this point, Meng Lang couldnt help but cry.

Ning Yue couldnt bear to see a grown man cry like this.

Seeing this, Jiang Ying pulled Ning Yue to his side.

Why was she showing her sympathy to a grown man

He had only cried a little.

How could he make people pity her

“Tell me what happened!” Jiang Ying couldnt help but say.

He didnt like this person at first glance.

He was definitely not a good person!

If Ning Yue knew what Jiang Ying was thinking, she would definitely laugh out loud.

Was this how she looked like to him

“Its everything.

Its like this…”

It turned out that Meng Hang was really in contact with the two princes.

He was a spy the two princes had placed in Prince Jins fief.

Meng Hang had provided the two princes with a lot of conveniences and even started a business in Prince Jins fief.

This business naturally became the backing of the two princes.

Ning Yue frowned tightly.

No wonder she was very curious at that time.

How could those two princes have so many troops with the conditions of their fiefs

So it was because their business had reached Jiang Yings place.

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At the thought of this, Ning Yue secretly looked at Jiang Ying, wanting to see doubts or other expressions in his eyes.

However, she did not expect Jiang Ying to look indifferent.

It seemed that he already knew.

As Meng Lang continued, they talked about Prince Qi and Prince Ning.

At that time, Meng Lang had thought that the matter between Prince Qi and Prince Ning would implicate Meng Hang.

However, he did not expect his brother, Meng Hang, to sit at home and act like a tyrant.

“According to you, your brother is actually a heinous person.

Why dont others think so” Ning Yue asked Meng Lang.

Meng Lang sighed heavily.

“Ive been a hooligan since I was young.

My reputation is bad, so those people naturally blame me for everything I do.

They even think that Im a burden to my brother.

They dont think that my brother did anything wrong.

What can I do”

Meng Langs words made Ning Yue shake her head.

She recalled a saying that if one person had already died in the room and the others rushed to the room and saw another person standing nearby with a bloody knife in his hand, everyone would think that the person holding the knife was the murderer.

However, in fact, the person with the knife wanted to save the people who were killed.

Unfortunately, he failed.

This was not about anything else.

It was a reminder not to be deceived by the appearance of things.

Now couldnt this be applied to what was going on between Meng Hang and Meng Lang

“I understand.

If you can help us find the incriminating evidence, youll have done a great service.

Ill report this matter to the emperor and remove your name from the list of the nine generations,” Jiang Ying said.

Meng Lang looked at Jiang Ying in confusion and asked, “Why will you remove my name from the nine generations”

“Because the rebellion can implicate your entire family.

Why Do you want to be implicated by him and die together with them” Jiang Ying asked.

Meng Langs eyes widened.

He hadnt thought of this at all.

He just felt that after being suppressed by his brother for so long, he wanted to vent his anger.

“I-I…” He wanted to explain, but he didnt know what to say.

Jiang Ying raised his hand to signal for him not to say anything else.

Then, he instructed, “If you dont have a place to stay tonight, Ill arrange a place for you to stay.

Tomorrow, you can tell me where Meng Hangs evidence is stored.

In addition, dont worry.

I said I wont let you die, so I wont let you die.”

After receiving Jiang Yings repeated assurance, Meng Lang heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, it was more important to stay alive.

If he had known that his entire family would be killed, he wouldnt have come.

No! It was not that he would not come.

He should have gone to Prince Jins residence long ago to chat with Prince Jin.

He was thinking of an ideal situation.

Could he see Prince Jin just because he wanted to

After that person left, Ning Yue was in a bad mood.

“Meng Hang is still alive.

We dont know how many more pawns Prince Qi and Prince Ning have in this world.”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ying said, “I dont think hes under one of those two princes.

Those two are so conceited.

How can they use the governor!”

Hearing Jiang Yings words, Ning Yue frowned even more.

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