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191 Rebellion

Meng Hangs heart was about to break when he heard his son cry.

“Its fine.

Father will help you settle it.”

At this moment, Meng Zhi calmed down.

He realized that he was already in prison.

“Youre already in prison.

How can you settle it”

“If Father says theres a way, theres a way! Why Dont you believe your father” Meng Hang looked at his son unhappily.

“If you have the ability, get out first!” Meng Zhi exposed Meng Hang mercilessly.

They were already in jail, so what was there to talk about Boohoo, he had to think about how to get out.

He didnt want to die!

“Let me tell you, if you want to die, dont implicate me! I havent lived enough!” Meng Zhi shouted at Meng Hang.

Meng Hang was furious.

What had he been doing all his life for this good-for-nothing child! “Youve been led astray by your mother! I have to kill that bitch!”

“No!” Meng Zhi was the first to disagree.

How could he “Who do you think you are I want to tell Uncle Lan!”

Uncle Lan “Whos the one surnamed Lan” Meng Hang sensed the meaning in Meng Zhis words and quickly asked.

“What does it have to do with you Im going to complain!” Meng Zhi turned around and shook the prison door.

“Open up, open up! Im going to look for Uncle Lan!”

“You unfilial son!” Meng Hang slapped Meng Zhis face hard.

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Meng Zhi was dizzy from the beating.

When he finally calmed down, Meng Hang said angrily to Meng Zhi, “Let me tell you, everyone can forget about living after being jailed.”

Meng Zhi was so angry that he was about to step forward and hit him.

Meng Hang stopped spoiling him and kicked him hard.

Meng Zhi fainted again.

Subsequently, Meng Hang and the jailers suggested that he be separated from Meng Zhi.

What Meng Hang did not know was that Jiang Ying, who had not left, had seen his every move.

Just now, Jiang Ying had used the excuse of leaving to actually go to the other prison.

He saw everything and naturally heard Uncle Lan being mentioned by Meng Zhi.

After asking the jailers to send Meng Zhi to the prison next door, he left.

“Jiang Ying, the Uncle Lan Meng Zhi he mentioned might be a very important person,” Ning Yue said.

When Meng Hang criticized Madam Lin, Meng Zhi had said that he wanted to look for Uncle Lan.

Ning Yue was very curious about who this Uncle Lan was.

“I thought so too, so Ill get someone to check later,” Jiang Ying said.

After returning to his residence, the first thing Jiang Ying did was get the guards to investigate Uncle Lan.

The second thing was to investigate Madam Lins interpersonal relationships.

Soon, Jiang Yings question was answered.

The outcome of the guards return was unexpected.

“Meng Zhi is indeed not Meng Hangs son!” Jiang Ying said.

“Ive already heard the Empress Dowager mention this, but after coming here to see them, I changed my mind,” Ning Yue said.

After coming here, she realized that things were not simple.

“This person is an ordinary merchant.

Theres nothing special about him, but after a deeper investigation, I realized that the business he does almost never loses money.”

It was very suspicious that ordinary merchants did not lose money.

Jiang Yings guards followed this line of investigation and realized that there were indeed some surprising results.

This persons name was Lan Zhong, and he was from the same hometown as Madam Lin.

They had been engaged for a long time, but Madam Lin was together with the Governor.

However, Lan Zhong and Madam Lin did not cut ties.

After being together for so many years, they finally had a son.

When the Governor was with Madam Lin, he already knew that Lan Zhong and Madam Lin were engaged.

In other words, it was very likely that he already knew that Meng Zhi was not his son.

Since he knew, why did he still announce to the public that this was his son and he was born prematurely

“No matter what the reason is, it shouldnt be the most important thing.

Im more curious about this Lan Zhong,” Jiang Ying said.

Unable to see anything important, Jiang Ying decided to look for Lan Zhong.

“Ill go with you,” Ning Yue said.

When she saw the guards investigating Lan Zhong, Ning Yue felt that she would see this person, so she concocted a forced confession potion herself.

She followed Jiang Ying to Lan Zhongs house.

Lan Zhong was shocked.

He knew Jiang Yings identity.

Due to the commotion caused by the Governor a few days ago, he also knew who was investigating him.

He was still wondering how to save his son, but before he could think of a way, someone came looking for him.

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