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190 Prison

Meng Hang felt that no one should be able to find all the evidence.

“Ill go with you,” Ning Yue said.

Jiang Ying didnt say anything else and brought Ning Yue to the prison.

When he saw Jiang Ying, Meng Hang went crazy.

“What did you do to my son”

The two of them looked over.

Meng Zhi was actually still unconscious.

This person really couldnt take a scare.

“Why are you asking what we did and not what you did” Jiang Ying looked at Meng Hang with a faint smile.

Meng Hang seemed to think of something and his eyes widened.

However, he quickly composed himself and returned a smile.

“I dont know what the Lord Heir is talking about.

My son was sent in unconscious.

What can I do I begged the jailers to hire a doctor, but the jailers all received your orders and ignored us father and son.”

“I wonder what crime I committed for the Lord Heir to treat me like this.” Meng Hang spoke very slowly and calmly.

This persons mental fortitude was too high! He could still be so calm at this point.

“You know very well what crime you committed.

Seven days.

I can convict you and kill your entire family in another seven days at most,” Jiang Ying said.

“I cant stop the heir of Prince Jin from killing my entire family.

However, arent you afraid that you wont be able to stop the world from talking”

“You still say that now,” Jiang Ying replied unhurriedly.

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“Heir of Prince Jin, am I wrong” Meng Hang asked.

It seemed that Meng Hang was the same as his son, Meng Zhi.

He would not shed tears until he saw the coffin.

Ning Yue was about to say something when she saw Jiang Ying secretly gesture.

“Meng Hang, why dont you think about why I came over so quickly I must have found evidence that can kill your entire family,” Jiang Ying said.

When Meng Hang heard this, he felt a little flustered, but he suppressed it and looked at Jiang Ying calmly.

“If the heir really has evidence, why didnt he just accuse me Why come here to talk to me politely” Meng Hang asked.

When Jiang Ying heard this, he laughed out loud.

“Talk to you politely You really think highly of yourself.”

“Am I wrong Lord Heir, please tell me why youre standing here telling me this” Meng Hang asked.

“I want to find evidence that can kill your nine generations in seven days, so Im standing here talking to you now.

If youre willing to confess, then Ill let your son off and not kill him.”

Hearing Jiang Yings words, Meng Hangs heart tightened.

He looked down at his son.

He had a son in his old age.

His son was just seventeen years old.

In order not to leave his family without a legacy, he turned a blind eye to his son getting married and taking concubines.

Until now, his sons wives and concubines had yet to give birth to any children.

This made him worry.

He had also tried to find a doctor to ask for secret recipes for giving birth, but it was useless.

“You dont have to answer me in a hurry.

All Im telling you now is that Ive obtained evidence that can behead your entire family.

Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

You know very well if your family can be executed for the crimes you committed.

If you can confess, I can indeed save a lot of effort, but if not, I can find it in seven days.”

After saying that, Jiang Ying paused and carefully sized up Meng Hangs expression.

Meng Hangs face alternated between green and white.

He did not know if he should confess.

If Jiang Ying could not find all the incriminating evidence, his nine generations would be spared.

If it was found, none of them would be spared.

However, he wanted to bet that Jiang Ying would not be able to find it!

He gritted his teeth.

Anger was threatening to consume him.

“Alright, Ill give you a day to consider.

If youre unwilling to tell me, forget it.

Ill start collecting evidence tomorrow.” With that, Jiang Ying left with Ning Yue without looking back.

As he watched Jiang Ying leave, Meng Hang suddenly felt a little afraid.

He opened his mouth, but he heard Meng Zhi make a soft sound.

“Son, son, how are you” Meng Hang squatted down to check on Meng Zhi.

Meng Zhi opened his eyes and cried when he saw his father.

“Father, I caused trouble.

I provoked the current princess.

Im afraid!” The more Meng Zhi spoke, the sadder he became.

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