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Mosquito Repellent Potion

After a while, Ning Yue clearly felt the team speed up.

She dug out a muslin dress and efficiently tore it into small pieces to make a makeshift mask for the two children.

Madam He followed suit and made one for Ning Guang and his three sons.

The Ning family quickly covered their mouths and noses.

With cover, the stench that was getting more and more pungent became lighter.

But it wasnt enough!

The more corpses Ning Yue saw, the more mosquitoes there were.

Some mosquitoes that had bitten dead people carried viruses.

It was very easy for ordinary people to be infected.

She thought about it and used her consciousness to enter the space.

All kinds of mosquito repellent medicine were placed there.

She took a box of body repellent, then found a piece of oil paper and divided it into several portions.

She dug out the ointment and put them in separate boxes.

Otherwise, she would not be able to explain how she took this wrapped plastic box out.

After she was done, Ning Yue first applied some on her two childrens faces.

“Mother, put some on Father and the younger brothers.

It can prevent mosquitoes from biting them.” Ning Yue handed a small bag to Madam He.

Madam He immediately took it and did as Ning Yue said.

She applied some mosquito repellent ointment on Ning Guang and the three children, including herself.

When the ointment was applied, his skin felt very cool and comfortable.

Even the sting from the heat was relieved.

Ning Yue gave some ointment to her uncles, grandparents, and the others.

She instructed them not to make a fuss and to apply it themselves.

Old Master Ning still had some left after applying it.

He looked a little hesitant.

Ning Yue looked at his expression and guessed what he was thinking.

She hurriedly said, “Grandpa, Ill give some to the village chief.”

“That noble man gave it to you.

If you give it to them, you wont have anymore for yourself.”

“But the village chief is everyones backbone.

The village still needs him to take charge of the overall situation.

Nothing can happen to him.” Ning Yue thought it through very clearly.

Moreover, this would also make her grandfather stop hesitating.

“Good child.

Go on.”

As expected, after hearing Ning Yues words, Old Master Ning was very gratified and surprised by his granddaughters foresight.

A drought had changed her a lot.

Ning Yue took the ointment to Ning Bai.

She secretly stuffed the ointment to Ning Bai.

“Village Chief, this is the ointment that someone gave me to drive away mosquitoes.

Apply some on the children.”

Ning Bai was also a smart person.

He knew that they could not make it public.

He looked at Ning Yue gratefully.

This girl had helped them too much along the way.

“Alright, thank you!” Ning Bai thanked him solemnly.

Ning Tian also looked grateful.

It was Ning Yue who saved him, and now it was Ning Yue who continued to help their family.

Ning Yue was really a living Bodhisattva.

Ning Yue smiled and returned to Madam Hes side.

She took the children and carried them.

After a while, the scene before everyones eyes officially appeared.

There were bodies strewn across the floor.

Some were rotting.

Flies were feeding around them.

Some were showing bones.

Some had white maggots drilling holes in their eye sockets.

Some of them were directly dried up!

This was already considered a mass grave.

Ning Yue was about to vomit from the strong stench of corpses.

How could the others stand it All of them practically started retching.

The scattered corpses blocked the road, forcing the people of the Ning Family Village to slow down.

From time to time, screams and cries could be heard from ahead.

The fear of the unknown made everyone panic.

“Mother, Im so scared!” cried the youngest, Silang.

Keeping a death grip on Madam Hes hand, he stepped carefully over the body, but the hideous bones and the sickening stench in the air still frightened his young mind.

The others were not much better, but Ning Shilang was the youngest and the most timid.

His psychological endurance was not high.

“Dont be afraid.

Mother is here, and so is your father.” Madam He could barely stand it herself, but in order not to alarm her child, she pretended to be calm and comforted Ning Shilang.

Ning Guang patted his chest and comforted Ning Shilang, “Father is here, dont be afraid!”

Ning Shilang was so scared that he accidentally tripped over a rock and almost fell over a corpse.

The corpse had begun to rot and its eyeballs were popping out.

It looked even scarier than a ghost.

Ning Shilang screamed in fear.


Madam He immediately pulled him up and asked hurriedly, “Shilang, are you alright Dont be afraid, dont be afraid.

Mother is here!”

“Boohoo…” Ning Shilang was already on the verge of collapse.

His entire body had gone limp.

He didnt dare look at the corpse again.

He just wailed.

“I want to go home.

Boohoo… Its so scary here.

I dont want to walk.

I want to go home, Mother…”

His cries made their hearts tremble.

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