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188 Vomited

She remembered that she had just made it clear to these people that they were sent by the current emperor to search for evidence of the Governors crimes.

However, these people actually blamed all the problems on Meng Zhi.

Meng Zhi was really pitiful to have a father like the Governor.

“Everyone, quiet down.

Please listen to me,” Ning Yue said loudly.

Unfortunately, her voice was too soft to silence the people around her.

“Everyone, quiet down.

Please listen to me!” Ning Yue said three times before everyone present fell silent.

“I know youre anxious, but can you let me tell everyone the reason for these questions”

“Miss, dont worry and speak boldly!” The commoners were eager to know the reason.

“Before that, I want to ask everyone something.

I wonder if anyone here knows how to read” Ning Yue asked.

When the commoners heard this, they whispered again.

One of the bolder citizens couldnt help but mutter, “Were very anxious to know whats going on.

What does this have to do with being literate”

Ning Yue knew that if she did not explain clearly, this group of people would definitely not stop.

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“Do you see the notebook in my hand If any of you can read, come and read whats written in it.” Ning Yue raised the notebook in her hand.

“When everyone hears the contents, everyone will know the reason,” Ning Yue said.

The reason she didnt read it herself was that she was worried that these people wouldnt be willing to believe that the Governor had committed a crime at this point.

If their own people read it, it would naturally be more credible.

“Yes, my third son is a scholar.

I will ask him to come and take a look.” With that, one of the villagers jogged away.

When she came back, she pulled a sickly thin man along.

Seeing this person, Ning Yue frowned tightly.

This person really looked too similar to Yang Guangs nephew.

“My lords.” The scholar bowed respectfully to the two of them.

He didnt know their identities, but when he had first arrived, his father had told him what had happened.

These two men were here to investigate the incriminating evidence of the provincial governor.

They worked for the current emperor.

He didnt know what their official positions were, but he could just call them lords.

“You can read, right” Ning Yue asked.

“Lord, I was lucky enough to become a scholar.

I do know a few words,” Xiucai said.

When Ning Yue heard this, she couldnt help but roll her eyes.

Only ancient people could speak so elegantly.

She dusted off the book and placed it in the scholars hand.

“Just read it out loud for everyone to hear.”

The Scholar nodded.

He opened the first page of the book and read aloud.

As he read, the Scholar suddenly vomited.

It wasnt just the Scholar.

Most of the people present vomited.

The contents of that book were too detailed.

It turned out that in order to live forever, the governor had captured female children and did terrible things to them so they could give him sons.

Then he could do the next step.

In other words, after Madam Lin gave birth to Meng Zhi, the Governor actually had designs on boys genitals.

She finally understood what Madam Lins unfinished sentence meant.

These notes recorded that the source of all the genitals was the nearby commoners, even the commoners of the neighboring county.

As long as they could be deceived by him, they would be deceived.

In order to live forever, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money on boys, but because his salary was not enough, he came up with another scam.

He told the families of these children that their children had already gone to the emperors side and could not return easily.

He also did not let them go to the capital and said that the emperor would be angry.

In the end, he used all kinds of reasons to tell these childrens families that their children could not resist the temptation in the capital.

If they made a mistake, they would be beheaded.

These people panicked.

They begged the governor to protect their sons.

The governor told them that although he was not greedy and was still a governor, it was because of his personality that he had offended many people in the imperial court.

No one was willing to help him.

In the end, when he saw the commoners crying, he pretended not to have the heart to not help these people and told them that someone could help them with their troubles.

When these commoners heard the Governors recommendation, they would naturally look for that person.

In the end, giving money and gifts became a ritual.


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