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187 Trouble

“Someone, move the pillar inside out the door!” Jiang Ying ordered.

“No, thats not enough!” Ning Yue said, then ordered a few guards to tear down the remaining pillars.

After tearing them down, the eaves without the support of the pillars instantly collapsed, and the tiles shattered on the ground.

Ning Yue was suffocated by the dust and couldnt help but cough.

She ran to a corner that wasnt contaminated by the dust.

When it finally cleared, she went back.

It was also at this moment that Ning Yue realized that Jiang Ying had not run when the eaves fell just now.

Could he have been smashed

Ning Yue was so frightened that she hurriedly stepped forward to pry open the eaves and tiles, finally revealing Jiang Ying.

“Quick, quick, quick.

The heir is injured.

Hurry up and pull him out!” Ning Yue said.

Thinking about it, she felt that something was wrong.

The two of them were standing in the same place.

Since she was not hit, how could Jiang Ying be hit

“Dont worry.

I saw something fall just now and didnt have time to call for help.

I protected it first.” Jiang Ying pointed at the glass bottle in his arms.

Looking at the glass bottle in Jiang Yings arms, Ning Yue was a little speechless.

“You rushed under the roof for a glass bottle.

Do you know how worried I was What if something happened” Ning Yue was furious.

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Jiang Ying did not notice that Ning Yue was angry and only explained, “Dont worry, itll be fine.

I just analyzed it.

Since theres something hidden in the pillars, it will be used one day.

If we take down all the pillars like we did, the eaves will definitely collapse.

In other words, these eaves are made of special materials.

They wont hurt anyone or destroy the overall structure of the house.”

As Jiang Ying explained, he wiped the glass bottle in his arms.

Ning Yue helped.

Soon, he wiped the glass bottle clean.

When he saw what was in the glass bottle, he couldnt help but vomit.

At this moment, Ning Yue finally saw what was in the glass bottle.

Her expression was also a little ugly.

The things in the glass bottle were all underage male genitals!

Oh my god, how perverted was this Governor!

“What exactly is going on” Jiang Ying said with a terrible expression.

Thinking about how he had treated that glass bottle as a treasure just now, he felt disgusted.

“Whats that” Suddenly, Ning Yue saw something blue hidden under the pile of tiles.

She stepped forward and searched for a while before realizing that this blue thing was a book.

She opened the book and saw that it recorded a lot of things.

It recorded a certain year, month, and time when someone had sent a child over, and the circumstances this child was in when he had his genitals cut by the governor.

Oh my god, these people were all children!

What the hell was going on

Ning Yues expression changed and she handed the notebook to Jiang Ying.

When Jiang Ying saw this, his expression was also very bad.

“What a beast!” Jiang Ying gritted his teeth.

He ordered the guards to let the people in.

Soon, the commoners rushed into the Governors residence.

Some of them had shovels in their hands, and some had hoes.

They were puzzled to see two people inside looking very pale.

“Who are you” someone with a little more courage asked.

“We were sent by the current emperor to the Governors residence to search for evidence of his crimes.

These are all evidence of his crimes.

Take a look.”

When these commoners saw the four pillars made of gold on the ground, their eyes widened.

At this moment, someone noticed a glass bottle not far away.

“Everyone, look.

Whats that” someone said, and someone followed.

They all surrounded the thing and realized that it was actually the reproductive organs of underage men.

“Bastard, who did this” they said through gritted teeth.

“Is it Meng Zhi Only that bastard will cause trouble for his father!” The commoners said.

“Im going to beg the Governor to punish his son on the spot!”

“But the governor only has one son.

If he dies, the governor will be sad, right”

“Then what should we do”

“What a sin!”

“Thats right.

If I had such a son, I might just kill him!”

“Poor Governor, he had a son in his old age.

He could have enjoyed his later years in peace, but his son ruined it!”

Hearing the commoners discussion, Ning Yue was speechless.


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