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185 Investigating the Secret Path

“Is there a problem Eleven years old is already a grown-up.

Besides, her family has already accepted my betrothal gift,” Meng Zhi said.

“Accept the betrothal gift Did she accept it willingly, or did you force the gift on her” Ning Yue asked coldly.

“No matter what, theyve accepted it.

Since theyve accepted it, dont think about going back on their word!” Meng Zhi said righteously.

“Looks like youre really stubborn.

Do you know that the law stipulates that women can only get married when theyre 12 years old” Ning Yue asked.

“So what My father is the governor.

Who dares to say anything bad about me Besides, theres only a year difference between 11 and 12,” Meng Zhi said indifferently.

“Arent you afraid of killing your father” Ning Yue asked.

“Even the current emperor has to give in to my father.

Who do you think you are”

It seemed that this person would not shed tears until he saw the coffin.

Ning Yue couldnt be bothered to waste her breath on him.

She said to him directly, “Im a princess conferred by the current emperor and bestowed to the heir of Prince Jin.

Do you really think your attitude just now is fine with me”

Meng Zhi was shocked and looked at Ning Yue in disbelief.

He pointed at Ning Yue with a trembling finger and asked, “You, youre the current Princess Mingyue”

Princess Mingyue was the title the current emperor had given Ning Yue.

He wanted Ning Yue to be as beautiful as the moon.

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Ning Yue smiled.

“Thats right.

Im Princess Mingyue.

Can I have your life”

“I forgot to introduce you.

This is the heir of Prince Jin.” Ning Yue pointed at Jiang Ying beside her.

Meng Zhi gasped.

His eyes widened, as if he would faint in the next second.

“If you plan to faint, I have many ways to wake you up, and each way causes pain that is a hundred or even a thousand times worse.”

Hearing Ning Yues warning, Meng Zhi silently dispelled the thought of pretending to faint.

However, he had a question he could not figure out.

“Princess Mingyue, who is Wumei to you”

“Shes my cousin and my biological second uncles daughter.

Do you know who my second uncle is Hes a major general under General Chang Sheng, Ning Feng.”

Hearing that Wumei was Ning Yues cousin and that her father was under General Chang Sheng, Meng Zhi was so frightened that his vision darkened, and he still fainted.

Before he fainted, he couldnt help but want to scold himself.

Why did he faint He was going to wake up from the pain later.

Seeing this, Ning Yue took out a silver needle from her purse, walked up to Meng Zhi, and stabbed him hard.

“Ah!” A pig-like cry resounded through the world.

The unconscious Meng Zhi woke up.

He wanted to curse, but when his gaze landed on Ning Yue, he swallowed his words.

“I, I…” Meng Zhi wanted to explain, but he couldnt say anything after thinking for a long time.

“Wumei and I are truly in love!” he said.

Ning Yue was so angry that she almost laughed.

Wumei was only 11 years old, but he actually dared to say that he was truly in love with her What a joke! How could Wumei take a fancy to someone like him If she did, she wouldnt have asked her to break off the engagement.

“Meng Zhi, youd better tell the truth.

If you continue to be dishonest, dont blame me for being rude to you!” Ning Yue said coldly.

“Theres no need to talk nonsense.

Someone, pull Meng Zhi down and lock him up with his father,” Jiang Ying said.

Hearing that he was going to be locked up, Meng Zhi fainted again.

However, this time, Ning Yue did not plan to wake him up.

She just watched as he was dragged away.

Everyone in the Governors residence had been taken away.

Other than Jiang Ying and Ning Yues breathing and the cries of insects in the courtyard, the entire Governors residence was silent.

“Jiang Ying, how do you plan to deal with this” Ning Yue asked.

“We caught him off guard.

We can investigate starting from his house.” With that, Jiang Ying got someone to look for incriminating evidence at the governors house.

However, everyone couldnt find evidence.

This gave Jiang Ying a headache.

If he couldnt find it here, then his detention of the governor would be unjustified.

If the officials reported him, he wouldnt be able to bear the consequences.

“Investigate again and see if there are any secret passages in the study or rooms,” Ning Yue said.

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