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181 Tied Up Again

From Jiang Yings words, it seemed that if there was no problem with the investigation, he could not do anything to the Governor.

Thinking of this, Ning Yue sighed heavily.

“Then what do you think” Ning Yue asked.

Jiang Ying spread his hands and said to Ning Yue, “What can I think He didnt make a mistake.”

He had worked hard all these years as a provincial governor.

Since he had not made a mistake, he would forget it.

“No, I dont think theres a simple problem here.

I wonder if youve heard of this saying.

Its the fathers fault for not raising a son well.”

“Its the fathers fault for not educating such a son well.

I dont think the Governor is just neglecting this son.

On the contrary, he contributed to his son becoming like this.

Otherwise, why would his son dare to prey on an eleven-year-old girl”

Even if girls could get married early in ancient times, they were not 11 years old.

Hearing Ning Yues words, Jiang Ying nodded.

“Why dont we visit his place for a while That way, itll be easier for us to investigate him.”

Hearing Jiang Yings words, Ning Yue hurriedly nodded in agreement.

With Jiang Yings identity, the governor did not dare to do anything to them.

“Then Ill go back and rest first and prepare what I need tomorrow.” After saying goodbye to Jiang Ying, Ning Yue quickly returned home.

Recently, the two children had been sticking to Madam He.

She could openly prepare in the space tonight.

She would no longer have to wait for the two children to fall asleep before entering the space like before.

She locked the door and immediately entered the space to prepare for the next day.

After preparing, Ning Yue slept beautifully in the air-conditioned room in the space.

When she woke up the next day, Ning Yues backpack was already full.

She prepared two backpacks.

One for Jiang Ying and the other for herself.

Hearing that Ning Yue was going out again, Madam He could not help but feel a little uncomfortable.

Her child had grown up and was no longer at home all the time.

However, on second thought, Ning Yue went out for this family, especially for the second sons daughter.

She couldnt help but worry.

After all, that was the governor.

Although Jiang Ying was the heir of Prince Jin, the governor was appointed by the emperor after all.

Could Jiang Ying manage them

She didnt know anything about officialdom, so she didnt dare say anything.

Therefore, Madam He could only hold Ning Yues hand and instruct her to be careful on the way.

She could not put herself in danger.

After Ning Yue agreed repeatedly, Madam He let go of Ning Yues hands and said goodbye to her reluctantly.

The two of them rushed to the Governors residence without stopping.

They actually missed him this time.

Unexpectedly, the Governor was not at home, so Jiang Ying asked, “Where did the Governor go”

“Is it up to you two nameless juniors to decide where our governor goes” the person who opened the door said impatiently.

Hearing the servants in the Governors residence say this, Ning Yue frowned.

Didnt the Governor discipline such servants

“Who do you think you are! How dare you talk to me like that!” As soon as Jiang Ying finished speaking, a man in black rushed forward and restrained the person who opened the door.

Without another word, Jiang Ying took out the token and showed it to the person in front of him.

“Im the heir of Prince Jin and the nephew of the current emperor.

Why Who gave you the guts to disrespect the royal family”

Jiang Yings words stunned the person who opened the door.

He did not expect this persons identity to be so powerful.

“Im sorry, I was wrong.

I didnt know that the heir had arrived and offended the heir.

Please forgive me.”

The person who opened the door was about to pee his pants.

If not for the fact that he was being controlled, he would definitely lie on the ground and kowtow to Jiang Ying.

“You didnt just offend me.

Do you know whos standing beside me Shes the princess conferred by the current emperor and my fiancée,” Jiang Ying said coldly.

Ning Yue could barely hold back her laughter.

She had never seen such a cute side of Jiang Ying.

He was planning to use his status again.

If this person who opened the door spoke more politely, he wouldnt have hit Jiang Yings sore spot.

This time, the Governor would be in trouble.

Just as Jiang Yings men were about to take the person who opened the door away, an angry shout came from the Governors residence.

“Who dares to cause trouble in the Governors house Someone, tie these two up!”

The last time the magistrate had just tied them up.

Was the governor planning to do it again

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