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179 Reason

Under the governors management, no officials dared to mess around.

Laifu Town was also under his jurisdiction.

If Qin Shi wanted to find someone to cooperate with, it was indeed possible to find someone from his family.

However, the problem was that this governor had a good reputation.

Would his son do such a thing

“Second Aunt, did you get the wrong person The Governor is not one of those corrupt officials,” Ning Yue asked.

“I wish I had the wrong person, but I saw him with the governor once.

I asked around and was sure that the person with him was the governor.”

“Now that hes brought the betrothal gift and its covered with the governors seal.” Qin Shi began to cry softly again.

Hearing Qin Shis cries, Ning Yue had a splitting headache.

She looked at Jiang Ying to see what he was thinking.

She did not expect him to frown like her.

“Theres the governors seal on it, right” Ning Yue said as she took the betrothal list.

The governors seal was indeed on the end.

Ning Yue handed the betrothal gift list to Jiang Ying.

He took a look and nodded slightly, confirming that this was indeed the official seal of the governor.

“The seal on the betrothal gift list is real.

Second Aunt, how do you know this person” Ning Yue asked.

“At that time, I was going to the market to buy something.

When I passed by the oil shop, I heard someone say that a big cooperation would require a lot of oil.

I listened for a while.

That person wanted a lot of oil.

The oil shop didnt have that much oil.

I didnt dare to agree.”

“The man also said that he could give him half the money first before asking for the oil.

I agreed when I saw how generous he was.

Later, the oil was given to him, and he settled the balance.”

“There have been several such transactions.

I saw that he kept his word and kept his promise.

Hes considered a good person.

Once, I happened to be taking your Wumei to town to make clothes, and I took her to an oil shop to trade with him.

I didnt expect him to take a fancy to your Wumei.”

“He said that he must take Wumei as his concubine.

Although our family is only an ordinary family, its impossible for my child to be a concubine.

How can I let your Wumei suffer like that I rejected him at that time, but I didnt expect him to forcefully bring the betrothal gift over.

Then, this happened.”

So that was what was going on.

Ning Yue immediately looked at Jiang Ying.

“Is there any way to contact the Governor”

“Im afraid the Governor doesnt know about this yet,” Jiang Ying said.

With his understanding of the Governor, if his son did such a thing, he would definitely sever the father-son relationship.

“What do you mean” Ning Yue asked again.

“In any case, the Governors residence is not far from here.

Well go over tomorrow.” At this point, Jiang Ying seemed to have thought of something and asked Qin Shi, “Auntie, when did that person say he would come”

“He said he would give Wumei half a month to prepare,” Qin Shi said.

God knew how much she regretted it.

She should have listened to the old man and not brought girls out on the streets.

She felt that Ning Yue could buy anything she wanted on the streets, and Wumei could do the same.

Moreover, she was the one who brought her there, so nothing should happen.

She just did not expect to meet the son of the Governor.

This person really deserved to die!

“Then lets go take a look tomorrow,” Jiang Ying said to Ning Yue.

Ning Yue nodded.

In any case, it was already evening.

It was too late to go there.

With Ning Yue and Jiang Ying around, Qin Shi was much more relieved.

Naturally, she could not avoid the old mans scolding.

Ning Yue was about to return to her room when she saw the Empress Dowager waiting at the door.

Seeing Ning Yue, the empress dowager smiled and asked, “Yueyue, hows the matter”

“Huh” Ning Yue couldnt react.

“Its about the governors son,” the empress dowager said.

Thats right.

The empress dowager was at home at that time.

Why was the empress dowager unwilling to interfere

Seeing Ning Yues expression, the empress dowager knew what she was thinking.

She explained, “The person who came is not the Governors biological son.

I cant say anything about his family matters.”

Hearing the Empress Dowagers words, Ning Yues eyes widened.

What was going on Why wasnt he the biological son of the Governor

“I know youre puzzled now.

Youre also blaming me for not helping you, right” the Empress Dowager asked.

It wasnt that she didnt want to take action, but because there was something going on, she really couldnt interfere.

After all, it wasnt easy for the emperor to govern the country.

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